Do-it-yourself Rehearsal Dinner Invitations in a Simple Way

Rehearsal dinner invitations do not need to be as formal as wedding or reception invitations. These can be made at home using a printer and a word processor or desktop publishing software program. Many brides worry that they will not have time to make their own dinner invitations with everything else they have to do. However, you can easily create do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations in a simple way that will not take too much time at all.

woman using a laptopGetting Started

The first step in do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations in a simple way is to purchase the invitations. These can be perforated post cards on cardstock, eight by eleven colored paper, two single sided invitations that are perforated cardstock, or tent fold invitations. This is an important decision that needs to be made before you begin your design, because the type of invitation you purchase will determine what templates you need to follow. It is generally recommended to use postcards, because no envelopes are needed. If the invitations or cardstock you choose does not come with envelopes you will need to purchase these as well to fit the invitations.

The next step in do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations in a simple way is to download or set up a template for the design of the invitations. Most true invitation cardstock comes with easy to follow instructions for setting up your own template. However, you can also find templates easily online for whatever software program you intend to use to create the do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations in a simple way. These templates are highly recommended, and often come with designs already in place so you only have to add your names, date, time and location for the rehearsal dinner.

Some Final Pointers

wedding invitations

Remember, when designing do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations, keep it simple. There is no need to clutter up the page with extra graphics, funny anecdotes, or large brilliantly colored script. Keep it simple and use colors that match your wedding theme or wedding invitations. While these invites can be more casual than the wedding invitations, you still want them to look nice and be something that people want to keep and remember.

Finally, do-it-yourself rehearsal dinner invitations in a simple way should be printed with care. If you have not used this type of paper or cardstock before, you should do a test run with only one invitation to avoid wasting it. You can also try printing on regular printer paper and holding up to the cardstock to make sure the margins are correct. This will keep you from wasting any cardstock at all. This is much wiser and simpler than printing an entire run, only to find that the margins were off by a hair and one letter of the beginning of each line is cut off on the left.

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