Common Mistakes at a Rehearsal Dinner Party

No matter how well planned your wedding, reception, and rehearsal dinner parties may be, there are common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party that every bride is bound to make if she is not aware of them and prepared in advance. These mistakes can be uncomfortable for you, uncomfortable for someone else, or simply embarrassing. Take note, and avoid these common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party!

Rehearsal Dinner PartyThinking You’ve Got it All Under Control

You may think you’ve got the entire wedding and everything under control, and do not have anything to worry about by the time the rehearsal dinner hits. This can cause you to plan the dinner too late in the evening, or simply allow the evening to drag on with no sense of time or the fact that you have to be up early in the morning to get ready for the wedding. The is probably the biggest of common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party.

The rehearsal dinner should be early in the evening, not late at night, and should be over no later than eight in the evening. This allows you plenty of time to say goodbye to your guests, get home, and have a good night’s sleep. If you don’t want to fall prey to timing common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party, you can always consider doing the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding instead of the day before.

You should especially time things in this way if you are planning on drinking during the rehearsal dinner. Another one of the most common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party is that people drink alcohol the night before the wedding, then wake up to discover they are ill and puffy eyed. If you don’t want to go down the aisle wearing sunglasses and drugged up on asprin for a hangover, you should probably avoid this and plan the rehearsal dinner party for a day other than the day before the wedding.

Leaving People Out

Rehearsal Dinner Party GuestsYou absolutely must not leave anyone out when you are inviting people to the rehearsal dinner party. This is probably the worst of the common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party. However, it is equally important not to leave anyone out of the event itself once everyone arrives.

If you are making toasts to those who have helped with or are participating in the wedding, and you leave someone out, they will sit there uncomfortably thinking that you either forgot them (which you did) or that you don’t care about their contribution. They may or may not cause a scene or pull you aside and let you know just how upset they are. In the hubbub and gaiety of the dinner, it is easy to forget. To avoid this common mistakes at a rehearsal dinner party, have a cheat sheet of everyone you want to thank.

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