Complex Planning for the Ultimate Bridal Shower Party

If you want to go all out for the bride and give her the ultimate bridal shower party that she and her guests won’t ever forget, then be prepared for some in-depth planning that, ideally, will start a few months ahead of the bridal shower party. The extra planning will be worth it, however, when you pull off the ultimate bridal shower party.

Keys to Throwing the Ultimate Bridal Shower Party

i do napkinsThe first item on your list should be consulting with the bride to determine what she envisions for her bridal shower party. What are her interests and what kind of theme most interests her? You’ll also need to get a guest list from her so you’ll have an idea of how many people may attend.  Finally, choose a date that works for the bride and one that is ideally one to two months before the wedding. It’s best to approach the bride early so that you are armed with the necessary information and enough time to plan the ultimate bridal shower party.

Once you choose a theme, you’ll need to choose bridal shower invitations that echo this theme and decide on a venue. You can’t send bridal shower invitations without knowing the location, so it’s important to start planning this portion early, especially if you plan to host the bridal shower party at a restaurant, spa, bar or venue other than your home.

The good thing about hosting the bridal shower party at a venue like a restaurant is that you usually won’t have to contribute decorations or the food. It’s also important to find out exactly what the venue offers in terms of bridal shower party planning so you know exactly what you’re responsible for, such as flowers for a centerpiece or a cake for dessert.

Ideas for the Ultimate Bridal Shower Party

If your bride is ultra-chic, you might make plans for an evening bridal shower party at a vineyard or wine bar where your party gets a private wine tasting. You could arrange for a meal and wine pairing event or just order enough heavy appetizers to complement the wine and ensure no guest goes hungry. Instead of playing traditional bridal shower games, each guest could relate a memory or anecdote of the bride or groom to break the ice and get the conversation going.

bridal showerFor a bride who loves to cook and wants a kitchen themed bridal shower party, consider hiring a personal chef to come to your home and teach everyone how to make a simple yet gourmet meal, or arrange for the bridal shower party to take a cooking lesson with a chef.

For a bride who loves to be pampered and wants a lingerie bridal shower party, rent space at a salon for a spa bridal shower. You could arrange a package deal for the guests to receive a manicure and/or pedicure while sipping champagne cocktails. If the spa allows you, decorate the bride’s spa station with white lace in preparation for the lingerie she’ll receive.

As long as you choose a bridal shower theme that complements the bride’s personality and plan ahead, it’s sure to be the ultimate bridal shower party no one will soon forget!

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