Your Baby Shower Invitations Gone Wild!

safariA baby is a wonderful addition to any family and should be celebrated with family and friends. However, a baby also changes lives, and until that baby arrives, the future mother should enjoy her time and let loose a little at the baby shower with a theme that puts a twist on the typical teddy bear and pony baby shower themes.

Last Hurrah!

Since showers are usually given before the baby is born, there is no need to tone down the theme or the gathering in order to keep a baby calm. Most baby nurseries feature stuffed animals and blankets using fabrics with animal motifs. This can range from puppies to teddy bears to rocking horses – all meant for the baby’s enjoyment and stimulation.

The baby shower is often the last adult social gathering attended, so make it count. After the baby is born, if you want to go out with friends or to a party, you must find a trusted babysitter or a relative to watch the baby. You will get less sleep at first and your schedule will change to incorporate your new addition. These are all adjustments that are happily made by new parents, but why not enjoy your party by injecting a bit of the jungle into your theme?

Jungle Themes

Jungle invitationsIt is almost expected to attend a baby shower filled with images of all things cute and cuddly to commemorate the new baby. Consider putting a twist on the cute and cuddly theme by incorporating a jungle theme complete with leopards, zebras and lions. You could even create a safari or a jungle setting at the shower and request that your guests dress in their best jungle attire.

Consider sending invitations that will mark the wild occasion. You could choose invitations featuring a chocolate brown animal striped rattle with a hot pink bow tied around it. Tucked into a chocolate colored pocket with a magenta ribbon accent, complete with a brown animal striped lined envelope, your guests will know that this baby shower will be wild! If you know the gender of your baby, these wild invitations come with the choice of hot pink or blue accents. If you don’t know the gender, choose whatever color scheme most speaks to your wild side.

Go Wild with Shower Decorations

Baby showers are often held in someone’s home during a weekend afternoon. Create an atmosphere conducive to your wild theme. You could decorate tables with large banana leaves and palm fronds and have vases filled with exotic looking flowers. You could serve food with a jungle-flare and feature fresh fruit such as bananas, mangos, pineapples, and coconuts, either alone or as an ingredient, such as coconut cake with a pineapple glaze.

You could play games that have a jungle theme. Each guest could decide what jungle animal your baby will most be like and why. For instance, your baby might be courageous like a lion or quick like a cheetah.

However you incorporate the jungle into your baby shower, it’s sure to be a fun and unique baby shower guaranteed to drive you and your friends wild.

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