Baby Shower Party at Your Office: a complete guide

office womanYou spend eight hours a day at the office, usually with the same group of people, and it is only natural for them to throw one of their own a baby shower, usually later in the pregnancy. Following is a guide to planning a baby shower at the office.

Who Should Plan the Baby Shower?

Baby showers at the office can be planned in a variety of ways. The responsibility does not necessarily fall to the manager or supervisor, although it could. Often, there is one extremely organized person who enjoys planning events, but tasks can be allotted to various people and planning can be a joint effort. The manager needs to be consulted to secure a budget (if any) and to reserve a date and space that should work for everyone in the office.

Who to Invite

The guest list depends largely on the type of office in which you work. For instance, if you work in a large corporation, usually just your department will be invited. If you work in a more intimate environment, it is common for everyone, both male and female, to be invited.

Although it may be tempting to send out an email for the office baby shower, it is still appropriate etiquette to use traditional baby shower invitations. Not only will you eliminate the chance of the email going into a spam folder, but a baby shower invitation also will make the perfect accessory to the scrapbook for the mother-to-be.

Food and Decorations

baby shower food and beveragesDepending on the budget, the shower can be catered or be a potluck. Sometimes, especially in smaller offices, everyone might take the mother-to-be out to lunch, whether the office can pay for everyone or just the guest of honor.

For a potluck shower, usually planned during the lunch hour, it is important to make sure drinks are assigned, as well as a main course. If assignments aren’t made, you’re in danger of eating salad and bread and drinking water during the shower. If a cake is not in the office budget, enlist the resident baker to bring one or pool funds to buy one.

Decorations should be kept to a minimum at work. A simple banner and colorful tablecloth will suffice for the room. You could decorate the guest of honor’s chair with ribbon and a bow or balloons to lend the conference room a more festive air.

Games to Play

Although games are appropriate, this isn’t a home shower, and it’s usually co-ed, and therefore, games should be simple and quick. Games can include baby bingo and the baby name game, where you go around the room and each person has three seconds to think of a baby name beginning with A and going as far into the alphabet as possible. If someone can’t think of a name, they’re out. The last person in the circle usually wins a small prize.

The Gifts for an Office Baby Shower

A group gift is best for office showers, as not everyone can afford to buy a gift and not everyone is necessarily close friends with the mother-to-be. Depending on the size of the office or department, come up with a reasonable budget, perhaps $5 to $10 per person and either find out where the mother-to-be is registered or simply purchase a diaper bag and fill it with baby-related goodies.

An office baby shower is a great way to show support for a mother-to-be, and even on a limited budget, it can be tremendous fun for the entire team.

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