Baby Shower Thank You Notes: The Basics

Baby Shower itemsAfter your baby shower is over and you’re left surrounded by gifts, you are also left with the task of thanking each guest for their gift. This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, daunting task, however, if you follow the suggestions below.

Who Should Receive a Baby Shower Thank You Card?

Everyone who attends your baby shower needs to receive a thank you card. It is important to acknowledge the presence of family and friends with more than a verbal “Thank you for coming.” The host and co-hosts (if any) should also receive a thank you card, as well as a small gift, such as a framed picture or a gift basket filled with delicious goodies.

Purpose of a Baby Shower Thank You Card

In today’s busy world, showing gratitude is almost more important because people are busier. Your guests have taken time to celebrate your baby’s pending arrival and most likely brought you a gift. Likewise, taking time out of your busy schedule to show your appreciation of their presence and gift will avoid hurt feelings.

Etiquette Guidelines for Baby Shower Thank You Notes

During the baby shower, to keep track of all the gifts and their respective givers, you could also ask one of your friends to make notes. It is good manners to make a note of why you appreciate the gift they thoughtfully picked out for you and your baby.

Unless your baby is born almost immediately after your shower, it is vital that you get your thank you cards mailed within two weeks to avoid seeming ungrateful. If you send your thank you note more than one month after your baby shower, your attendees could feel that they are not appreciated.

You should never send an electronic thank you card, including text messages, e-cards, or emails. In minding your manners, you should take time to always handwrite a note of thanks to the family and friends who have shown their love and appreciation of you and your baby.

How to Word Your Appreciation

woman writingThere are two elements that must be included in every thank you card: a demonstration of appreciation for the guest attending the party, as well as a specific mention of the gift you received. The thank you note does not need to be lengthy, and in fact, should take you approximately five minutes. However, you want to ensure that your words sincerely express your gratitude.

Here is a sample of a properly worded baby shower thank you note: Thank you so much for attending my baby shower! I sincerely appreciate the beautiful picture frame you gave me, and I cannot wait to put our family’s photo inside once the baby arrives.

When you order your baby shower invitations, you can usually purchase thank you notes that match the baby shower theme. However, most importantly, show your loved ones that despite a large belly and swollen feet, you believe they are important enough to warrant a hand-written note of thanks from the mommy-to-be.

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