Bridal Shower Locations to Consider

Bridal showers can take place in so many different locations, especially as traditional rules relax and hosts become more creative based on a modern bride’s personality and hobbies. Themed bridal showers often take place in less traditional spaces, so don’t be afraid to think outside the bridal shower teapot to find a fun location.

Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower Location Ideas

If you’re on a strict budget but want to host a nice bridal shower, you can always host the bridal shower in your home or perhaps one of the bridesmaid’s homes if yours won’t accommodate many guests. If you don’t have the budget to rent a space or pay for guests to eat at a restaurant, consider hosting an al fresco bridal shower at a park, a community garden or in your own backyard.

If you live near the beach, you could easily set up a bridal shower with a casual beach theme.  Set up tables or simply arrange colorful blankets in a fun pattern for everyone to sit and enjoy a picnic on the beach. If the bride is non-traditional and doesn’t want a regular bridal shower, consider choosing an activity that can be done as a group that won’t cost much. For instance, you could set up a group tour at her favorite art museum and then choose a space in the museum’s café to grab a bite and chat about the tour.

Popular Bridal Shower Location Ideas

Bridal showers should always take place in a location that is conducive to socializing as a group. For example, taking the bridal shower to a movie defeats the purpose of group interaction and might be saved for a girls night out instead.

Cocktail bridal showers are gaining popularity, and you could easily host a bridal shower at a local vineyard or at a wine bar, for example. Both locations can provide appetizers to feed the group while they sip wine and chat, and you can usually arrange to bring a dessert if they can’t provide one.

You could host a spa bridal shower where you reserve the pedicure chairs, for example, for a few hours while the guests and bride get pampered.

A restaurant, especially if there’s an outdoor terrace during nice weather, is a great spot for a bridal shower, and you can often work out a pre-set menu for your party.

If your bride loves to cook and wants a kitchen bridal shower, host it in a kitchen: a chef’s kitchen, that is! You can sponsor a cooking lesson for the bridal shower party and learn to cook a meal of the bride’s favorite cuisine, such as Italian.

If the bride is crafty, you might reserve a paint your own pottery store for your bridal shower party and let guests paint something for the bride or take home their painted treasure. Either way, everyone will have a great time creating.

As long as you choose a location for the bridal shower that corresponds with the bride’s desires and personality and corresponds with your ideal budget, the bridal shower will be a special day for everyone.

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