Personalize Baby Shower Invitations with Icons & Graphics

In today’s world of computers and advanced technology, it is relatively easy to put together a professional yet personal baby shower invitation without spending much money. Whether you opt to customize your shower invitations as a money-saver or to give the party a personal touch, there are many icons and graphics specifically for baby.

Where to Find Icons and Graphics

Finding the right icon or graphic for your baby shower invitations can be as simple as opening a program like Microsoft Word and choosing from the thousands of images available through Clip Art. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you can easily go online and search through free Clip Art, ranging from photo images to drawn characters and objects. They download easily, and you will find many from which to choose.

Invitation Ideas Using Icons and Graphics

You are guaranteed to find an appropriate icon or graphic image that corresponds to the theme you choose. For instance, you might want to have a baby animal theme. You would search for images of animals that you want to include, perhaps baby elephants followed by bears, tigers, and puppies. You can easily arrange them to become the border of your invitation or just place one animal beside each line of text.

Remember that the visuals you select for the invitation will set the tone for the shower. Perhaps you want to print your baby shower invitation on light pink paper for a baby girl shower. You might find images of baby dresses to put in each corner or baby rattles colored in a darker pink. Then do a trial run to make sure the images are clearly visible on the paper.

What to Include on the Baby Shower Invitations

Once you find the icons you want to use, create the invitation body. Choose a title for the top center of the invitation. This could be simple, such as Little Boy Blue Baby Shower, or it could be a verse that corresponds to your theme.

Then create a separate line for the guest of honor, date, time, location and RSVP information. If you are using a theme or playing a game that requires guests to participate, create extra lines to note this. Perhaps you want guests to dress in animal print for a jungle theme, or you need guests to bring a baby picture for a game of Guess Who.

Printing Tips for Your Baby Shower Invitations

It is important to use your printer’s highest quality setting when printing your invitations and to make sure you have plenty of ink in your cartridge. Your guests might not take your shower seriously if they receive a smudged or blurry invitation. Also, when choosing your paper, buy cardstock for its weight and durability.

If your printer just isn’t up to the task of printing professional looking invitations, consider having a local printer print the invitations for you. This shouldn’t be too expensive, especially after the money you’ve already saved buying the cardstock online. Begin searching for that perfect icon or graphic today so you can impress your friends and family with your creative genius.

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