Traditional Bridal Shower Invitations vs. Bridal Shower Photo Cards

Choosing bridal shower invitations can be both daunting and exciting. There are always new trends and styles that mix in with traditional bridal shower invitations, which only add to the challenge of narrowing down the choices. Do you want a traditional bridal shower invitation or a trendy one, like bridal shower photo cards?

Traditional vs. Trendy: The Pros

There are good arguments for choosing traditional bridal shower invitations, as well as strong reasons why bridal shower photo cards make excellent bridal shower invitations. Traditional bridal shower invitations are lovely choices because they never go out of style and are usually understated, elegant and sophisticated. Traditional bridal shower invitations are ideal for all types of bridal showers, from formal bridal shower teas to semi-formal garden luncheons to casual afternoon gatherings. Traditional bridal shower invitations also come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and they range from simple with little design embellishments to patterned borders or a picturesque background.

For example, you might choose traditional bridal shower invitations that feature a scene imitating a watercolor painting depicting a spring table set for tea in a garden bursting with flowers and greenery. Your wording is printed across the light blue sky portion of these traditional bridal shower invitations and makes not only a lovely invitation, but a frame-worthy keepsake.

Bridal shower photo cards are trendy and very popular right now, so you have a lot of options as far as layout, theme, and background. Better yet, you get to provide your own unique photo! Bridal shower photo cards are popular because they not only showcase a personal photo, but in providing your own photo for the invitation, they are uniquely yours. Bridal shower photo cards can feature an engagement style photo for a couples shower or a shot of the bride for a traditional bridal shower.

Bridal shower photo cards also make receiving these invitations fun for guests, especially for family or friends who live far away or haven’t seen you in a while. Your photo cards are perfect for framing or for the scrapbook because they’re attractive and will also remind you, years later, how you looked before your bridal shower. You won’t find a lack of choices because of the immense popularity of bridal shower photo cards, so you are almost guaranteed to be able to choose a bridal shower photo card that complements your personality and bridal shower theme.

Finally, bridal shower photo cards allow you the option of tweaking your photo and adding fun effects to make your photo cards even more personal. For example, you might choose to insert a black and white photo rather than full color, or apply a sepia wash for a vintage look. Some brides choose to make their photos appear like a painting or even a sketch for a fun and modern twist. Choosing bridal shower photo cards gives you the flexibility to use a great photo, enhance it however you would like, and insert it into your bridal shower invitations for a trendy take on traditional.

Traditional vs. Trendy: The Cons

Every bridal shower invitation choice can have its drawbacks, so make sure to consider all the possible cons to determine which option, traditional or trendy, is right for your bridal shower invitations.

It’s important to choose bridal shower invitations that best fit the tone of your bridal shower, meaning if you’re planning a formal shower, then your invitations should likewise appear formal. The main drawback to traditional bridal shower invitations is that they are less personal and less unique than bridal shower photo cards, meaning it’s possible that guests will have seen your choice before.

The difficulty with bridal shower photo cards, however, is that they are inherently casual. This means that if you’re planning a formal or semi-formal bridal shower, then bridal shower photo cards are not the best choice. Bridal shower photo cards are printed on a lower quality paper mostly because the paper needs to be photo paper or your photo won’t turn out as well on the invitation. The paper choice, therefore, as well as the general style of a bridal shower photo card, lends itself almost exclusively to a casual bridal shower. This will work for many brides, but not for all. It might be best to choose traditional bridal shower invitations if you need a more formal look.

bridal shower giftsBridal photo cards are usually more expensive than many of their traditional bridal shower invitation counterparts, even though they aren’t typically printed on nicer paper. Traditional bridal shower invitations come in such a wide variety of styles and formats, and you are bound to find ones that suit your style and needs at a reasonable cost. Bridal shower photo cards, however, tend to be offered in one general price range. If you plan to use a professional photographer for your photo, you must also factor in the cost of having your portrait or engagement photos taken, as well as permission to use the photo on your bridal shower invitations.

Although it is possible to cut costs by printing your own, the issue with bridal shower photo cards is that photo paper is not cheap, even if you buy in bulk. Printer ink, which you will need to print multiple bridal shower photo cards, is also expensive. If you don’t have access to a high-quality printer, you might need to design them on your home computer and have a local print shop take care of the rest. All of these items add up to being more costly than traditional bridal shower invitations. If you choose a print your own traditional bridal shower invitation, all you need to do is center your wording, choose your font and color, and print them out with much less hassle than photo cards.

The final question is, do you want a trendy invitation that might not appear so wonderful several years from now, or do you want to play it safe and choose a traditional format that will stand the test of time? Both traditional bridal shower invitations and bridal shower photo cards have their positive and negative qualities, so carefully weigh your options before choosing one. You want to be sure to enjoy looking at your bridal shower invitation for years to come.

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