General Thank You Cards

Thank You CardsSaying thank you is always a nice gesture, particularly when you show your appreciation by sending a sincere thank you card. However, many thank you cards don’t say much beyond “thanks.” Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send a thank you card that not only expressed your appreciation but that also provided symbolic meaning and inspiration for your recipients?

Let’s look at a few examples that do just that.

Symbolic Thank You Cards

The thank you cards you send to people who’ve done a nice thing for you can have greater significance than simply showing your appreciation. They can be inspirational, too.

For example, Duck Note Cards are ideal for handwriting personalized thank you cards to nearly any audience. However, the two ducks swimming peacefully together symbolizes harmony in life. That sense of harmony is always a worthwhile message to promote since so many of us haven’t yet found that feeling.

Another example Lake and Sea Note Cards, Again, they are ideal for writing thank you cards but their tranquil imagery, particularly the beautiful, clear water symbolizes purity in life.

Interestingly, some of the most meaningful symbols seem to involve water. Another example are the Sail Boat thank you cards. The boat seems to be drifting along on the ripples of the water slowly and relaxingly. The boat seems to illustrate our traveling through our lives. If we go with the flow, deal with obstacles as they appear, and move towards a final goal, then we will lead a less stressful life and will eventually reach our destination.

Thank You CardsA final example is the Lighthouse note cardss. Lighthouses guide boats safely to the shore and prevent them from crashing into the rocks. These timeless symbols represent guidance not just for ships but also for us as we move through our lives. All of us need some type of “light” to keep us safely on our path.

Incorporating Symbolism into Your Message

While you may choose these thank you cards or others because of these symbolic meanings, your recipients may not make the same connection you do. That’s why it’s completely acceptable to include that meaning in your handwritten thank you message. Let them know why you’ve chosen the Sail Boat or the Lighthouse as the image on your thank you cards. If you don’t have room on the card, print off small inserts describing the card’s meaning and include them inside. Then the cards will mean just as much to your guests as they do to you.

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