Surprise Birthday Invitations for Your Surprise Party

Surprise Birthday Party InvitationsAre you planning a surprise birthday party? It’s time to put on your best sleuth face – surprise birthday parties require a lot of sneaky skills. While these parties are not one of the easiest types to plan, there are some tips to help you create a surprise birthday that will certainly be a hit!

First Things First

The most important element of any surprise party is setting the right date. Make sure to choose a date only after finding out when your guest of honor will be available. You may have to snoop to find out when your guest of honor is actually free, or you could make “pretend” plans with the guest of honor to ensure that he or she can indeed attend the party.

Then, you will have to find a way to distract the birthday girl or boy. To do this, ask a close friend to set up a fake activity for the guest of honor on the day of the party. Once this has been arranged, you are then free to start planning the smaller details.

After you send out the invitations (which we will discuss in a moment), make sure to explain to everyone invited the concept of a surprise party. Also, ask all of the guests to park out of sight…just in case your guest of honor is wise to your scheme.

Shh! It’s a Secret

If you intend to invite someone that is not great at keeping secrets, make sure to keep this person out of the planning stage until the last minute. Believe it or not, some people can’t keep secrets at all, which means that they might spoil the surprise.

In order to add to the mystery, ask your guests to casually mention to the guest of honor that they will be busy on the birthday. This way, your guest of honor will not guess that you are throwing them a surprise party. Of course, the birthday boy or girl might be a bit upset that everyone is busy on their birthday, but they will quickly forget this sadness once the party starts.

Since every last detail of a surprise party is important, you must choose the right invitations for the job. While there are lots of invites out there to select from, you’ll want to find some that really showcase the surprise aspect of the party.

Ingenious Invites

A surprise party invitation should include lots of bright colors. They should also include the words “surprise party” just to make sure that guests know about the theme of the party well in advance. If you send a regular birthday party card to guests, they may not understand the surprise element of it, and thus, accidentally ruin the entire party!

The main trick to throwing a great surprise party is to make sure that the secret doesn’t get out. Make sure that your guests don’t ruin the secret, and make double sure that the guest of honor does not find out about the party.

A surprise party is a great way to show someone that you really care for them. While your guest of honor may think that you forgot their birthday, they will be thrilled when they see all the hard work that you put into this special event.

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