Spring Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Spring Birthday Party CakeSpring ushers in new life: flowers bloom, trees turn green and animals come out of hibernation. The thaw makes people want to get outside and enjoy the warm air laden with the scent of honeysuckles and daffodils. If your birthday occurs each spring, take advantage of its beauty and host a birthday party.

April Showers

If you typically experience a wet spring, you might want to consider some indoor options. You could reserve several lanes in a bowling alley and gather your party there. Invite guests with bowling pin invitations and have them wear a bowling shirt.

Another option is to gather just the girls or just the guys together for an afternoon or evening out. The girls might enjoy some pre-summer pampering with a spa party followed by dressing up and eating dinner at a trendy restaurant, all the while being transported in a limousine. The guys might enjoy playing paint ball or going to check out the latest action movie.

May Flowers

Crocuss and daffodils are among the first to poke their heads above ground and signal that winter has truly left. Send invitations layered with colorful tulips or sunny daffodils and have a garden-themed party. Even if you don’t have a beautiful English garden in your backyard, you can reserve a private guided tour of a local arboretum. If there are picnic facilities within the arboretum, bring lunch or go to a restaurant or teahouse after the tour.

Another twist on the garden party theme is to ask guests to bring their favorite spring flower, either seeds or an actual plant. That way, after your party, you will have a garden ready to plant in your backyard.

You could organize a group and attend a sporting event, like a baseball game. If no team plays near you or tickets are hard to get, have your own game at a local park. For a baseball party, you can send invitations shaped like baseballs and ask everyone to bring a glove and a bat. Follow the game with hotdogs, hamburgers and boiled peanuts, just like you were at a real game.

Spring Fling

Get moving after a sluggish winter spent largely indoors and invite your friends and family to a spring fling. Many dance halls offer pre-dance lessons to those not familiar with the type of dance, such as swing or foxtrot. Send invitations with dance shoes or music notes on them and get your guests’ feet tapping. Once you have an idea as to how many people will attend, reserve a class for your group, usually an hour before the public dance begins. This is a great way to learn something new in a casual environment while having fun and dancing the night away.

If you have a particularly large group of family and friends to invite, consider renting a private space for your spring fling. Hire a deejay and, if you shall hire a caterer, offer heavy hors d’oevres that tie in with the season, such as spring rolls. Decorate the area with vases of fresh spring flowers and white tablecloths.

However you celebrate this year, your spring inspired birthday party is sure to infuse your friends and family with new life.

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