Want to Date Her? Send a Thank You Card

Dating adviceThis article is just for the guys out there because I know they sometimes need a little help when it comes to getting involved with women they are interested in. However, there’s one surefire way to get her attention and that’s the first step to landing the date you’re after.

Now this approach won’t work for all women. First, you need to be a casual acquaintance of hers or of someone she knows well (you’ll understand why in a minute). Second, you need to have shared some type of experience, such as a party, concert, night at a club, etc. Without that second element, you won’t have any basis for this approach.

Don’t worry. It’s all about to make sense.

An Approach to Win Her Heart

What is this surefire approach? Send the woman you admire from afar a thank you card. The heart shape thank you card, for example, would be perfect for most women who will appreciate the pink/red colors, the heart-shapes, or the unique look of the card. The idea is to purchase the thank you card and mail it to her. She’ll read the note and be touched by your thoughtfulness. You’re almost certain to get a reply if you’ve included your name, address, or phone number.

Most women appreciate cards and realize that very few men would take the time to create and send such a thing. It will definitely set you apart from her other admirers. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a love connection but it will at least help you make the first move.

Creating the Message

Dating ideasNow when you receive your thank you cards, you’ll notice the inside is completely blank. That can be intimidating, particularly if you’re writing to a beautiful woman who you want to impress. But here’s with that second element comes in. Let’s assume you met “Lily” at a Valentine’s Day party the previous evening. Here’s an example of what you might write to her in the thank you card:

Dear Lily:
My name’s (name), and we met last night at Keith and Hillary’s Valentine’s Party. Hillary gave me your address because I told her I wanted to thank you for making the night fabulous for me. Even though we only had a chance to meet for a moment, looking at your smile was a welcome treat. If you’re ever interested in having coffee or going to lunch with a guy who spent hours admiring you from across a crowded room, then give me a call at (phone).


Of course, you could change any of the details you want. Just remember to let her know how you got her address so she won’t think you’re a stalker and add in a little note to encourage her to get in touch if she appreciated the gesture.

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