Valentine Themed Baby Shower, an exciting moment

Valentine Themed Baby ShowerThe moment that you saw your baby’s face on the sonogram, it was love at first sight. From the top of her tiny little head to the tip of her magnificent little toes, you have been dreaming of her arrival and the day you can take her home from the hospital swaddled in pink blankets.

Make every moment that you spend with your child special. Pre-delivery plans can be hard to arrange without advance notice. Considering your due date is right around the corner, what better time than now is it to throw a Valentine’s Day baby shower? Although some new mothers may not feel up to the company, a small gathering of your closest friends and family members will ensure that your baby receives the welcoming he or she so richly deserves.

A Virtual Lovefest for Your Little One

Once you start planning for your special day, you won’t want to stop. With a variety of decorations and shower invitations to choose from, hosting the perfect event is easy as long as you think in advance. Consider picking baby shower invitations that are pink, representing both your little girl and the Day of Love. If you are having a boy, consider incorporating shades of blue with brown to give the invitations a masculine flair.

Start by creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your guests. Decorate table tops with miniature water fountains, light some candles, and put on some soft music. Sprinkle heart shaped confetti and soft, colored rose petals where they will best be seen, and inflate red, pink, and white balloons to place around the room. Clear glass marbles look amazing amongst the table decorations. Scatter a few in various places and watch how they reflect light.

Wear a special shirt that is symbolic for the occasion. A variety of heart emblazoned maternity blouses are for sale. Choose a silk-screened pair of hands cupped together to form a heart over your abdomen and prepare yourself to receive compliments all day long. As a touching tribute to your little one, shirts that draw attention to your pregnancy are always a showstopper.

More Décor Ideas to Celebrate the Love of Your Baby

Valentine Themed Baby ShowerA diaper cake and “mocktails” make a stylish combination that will keep everyone happy while they watch you open your gifts. Once the cake has been frosted, decorate it with plastic safety pins, baby bottles, and edible roses. Make sure to take pictures so you can include them in your child’s baby book.

Fill plastic baby bottles up with pink or blue jellybeans and hand them out as party favors. Keep a few empty bottles for yourself to have for the baby once he or she arrives.

Make sure to include gift registry information on your invitations to avoid confusion and duplicate presents. This is the classiest way of telling your guests what you do and don’t want to have on hand for your baby.

Planning for your little one can take time, but is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding things a woman can do. Equipped with the right tools and a diaper pail full of inspiration, you can host a baby shower worth mentioning this Valentine’s Day!

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