Valentine Party Do’s and Dont’s

Valentine PartyIs there any holiday as innocent and sweet as Valentine’s Day? From sugar coated candies to stuffed teddy bears, Valentine’s Day is simply sublime. With love already in the air, creating a romantic scene for your closest friend will be a snap. If you are amongst the few that intends to throw a Valentine’s Day affair, make sure that your soiree goes off in style.

Do’s for a Lovely Valentine Party

If you want to create a holiday party that would make even Cupid proud, it’s a good idea to have these “do’s” in order long before the first star-crossed guest arrives. A great Valentine’s Day party should include:

Lots of pink and red used abundantly throughout the party. Think about red punch, pink frosted cookies, heart-shaped red candies, and even some colored finger foods if you can find a good caterer. While you don’t have to overindulge in red balloons, thinking about including red flower centerpieces can be quite romantic.

Opt for romantic, yet not too sappy, entertainment. You can either create your own mix of both contemporary and nostalgic love songs, or you can hire a local band.

Great décor is important for setting the mood. Skip the streamers, and select sophisticated items instead, such as red ribbons tied on chairs or even vases filled with red sand.

Choose meaningful invitations to set the romantic tone. It’s easy to get carried away with childish invitations, but most adults won’t see the sense of humor. Appeal to all tastes with sophisticated, modern Valentine’s Day invitations.

These elements are very important in planning a successful party. You want to make your guests feel at ease, which won’t happen if you put too much frill into the room. The idea behind any Valentine’s Day party is to create a lovely scene without going overboard…which, brings us to our list of definitely “don’ts.”

Valentine Party Don’ts

Valentine's Day PartyDon’t go overboard with childish Valentine décor. It’s easy to get carried away with lots of fluffy white lace and petal pink decorations on Valentine’s Day. You want to mix romance with contemporary allure, instead of classroom traditions. Consider giving your party a more grown-up look. Instead of white doilies, mix pink with silver to give your party a sophisticated feel.

Don’t forget about the chemistry of your guest list. Valentine’s Day can be a very sensitive time for people, especially those who are single. Think carefully about your guest list before sending out your invitations. If most of your friends will be attending with their significant other, think about how your handful of single friends will feel. You want to ensure that hearts aren’t broken at your party!

Don’t forget about real food! While sweets are tempting, most people will appreciate some genuine form of nourishment. You can be creative in serving your real food; cut your sophisticated tea sandwiches or cheese in the shape of hearts with your cookie cutters. Serve pink Sangria wine infused with heart-shaped fruit pieces. With a heart-shaped cookie cutter, your possibilities are endless!

Inviting Your Guests

While you might be tempted to send out old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards to all of your guests, this might not be the best option. nstead, think about classy invites that showcase that Valentine’s Day theme, but are not childish.

There are lots of ways that you can turn up the romance (while turning down that pink and red glare) at your Valentine’s Day party. Take some time to plan an evening full of relaxing moments, great memories, and lots of celebratory fun. If you keep those do’s and don’ts in mind, your Valentine’s Day soiree will be a smash hit.

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