Handwriting vs Printing Thank You Cards

Technology makes it easy to send a quick email instead of writing a letter, send a text message instead of placing a call, and even print your own greeting cards, photo cards and thank you cards. Writing messages by hand has started to become passé. In general, sending typed messages isn’t necessarily considered bad manners, but when it comes to writing thank you cards, arguments fly.

Why Take Time to Write Thank You Cards

Thank YouThank you cards are still an important part of good manners, and etiquette rules mandate that thank you cards should be sent after receiving a gift. You will likely find yourself writing thank you cards after birthdays, holidays, bridal and baby showers, and weddings, just to name a few occasions where gifts are abundant. Ms. Manners advises people to write out thank you cards, and many people still agree with this sentiment, despite the ease of simply printing out multiple thank you cards in half the time.

The point of a thank you card is not only to thank someone for a gift, but to show that you care enough to take a few minutes out of the day to write a heartfelt thank you card. The underlying message is that to acknowledge the time you took to find and purchase a gift for me, not to mention attending an event, I will take time to write you a thank you card. Thank you cards, therefore, are as much about give and take as they are about gratitude.

When Can I Print Thank You Cards

In general, printing thank you cards is frowned on because they look like form letters. Even if you personalize each thank you card, it takes less time and effort to quickly type a message and hit the print button. The main exception to this is when you have a medical reason for not writing your thank you cards. For example, receiving a typed thank you card from someone with arthritis will be meaningful to the recipient because that person made the effort to type a thank you card despite a painful disease. This is typically the case with older people who might have difficulty grasping a pen to write a thank you card. Otherwise, etiquette suggests that you write out your thank you cards.

Choose Inspirational Thank You Cards

Floral Thank You CardMake this task less of a task and more of a joy by choosing thank you cards that inspire you to take time and write them. Whether you choose a pastel floral pattern, bold stripes, or a solid color featuring your monogram, thank you cards’ designs should speak to your personality – just like your handwritten message speaks to your gratitude. You can gather thank you cards that tie in with a wedding or birthday theme, for example, or choose personalized thank you cards in your favorite color.

Recipients will appreciate both an attractive thank you card design, as well as the fact that they will find a handwritten message in lieu of the easier method of printing one.

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