Stress Free to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

Thank You CardsWith glasses raised and champagne poured freely from bottles, your best friend from high school did the honor of giving a toast without alluding to the unreciprocated crush you had on her older brother. You celebrated and honeymooned well. Tan, fresh-faced and ready to start your new life together, you have a big task ahead of you.

Remember all those smiling faces thrusting gifts into your hands? They need to be thanked and in a quick and thoughtful way! That doesn’t mean that you can send an email or a text message and consider things done. It does, however, give you an excuse to purchase pretty stationery and to spend some quality time with your hubby before the two of you go back to work.

A few simple tips will take the guesswork out of writing the perfect message of appreciation for all 250 members of your guest list. Grab a pen and your new husband and get ready to redefine post-wedding etiquette by being the perfect bride.

No Assembly Required

Unlike the wedding gifts where you had to spend hours reviewing the instructions, addressing thank you cards will be a snap once you have acquired the right tools. Purchase stationery that reflects your personality or shares the theme from your wedding. Visit your local post office in person or online to see if they carry stamps bearing a heart logo.

Enlist the Troops in Assisting You with the Process

Ask someone you trust to keep track of who gave you which presents. Your mother, sister, or closest girlfriend would be a good candidate for this job. While you open gifts at your bridal shower or at your reception, they can be taping Post-It Notes to the top of all boxes to save you the hassle of matching gift with giver once you have returned home from your honeymoon.

Divide the task in half and have your husband address part of the guest list while you tackle the other half. If your significant other has handwriting that resembles a doctor’s script, put him in charge of putting the stamps on the envelopes and mailing them out.

Keep It Simple

There is no need to launch into a raving review of your guest’s wedding present or attire. Opt to make your cards short and sweet, but meaningful and personalized. This will convey your gratefulness, while saving you time in addressing 300 other thank you notes.

Picture Perfect Postcards

Take a photo from your wedding or honeymoon and make multiple copies of it. Glue a piece of white cardstock to the back and write your thank you message on it. Send it out just like you would with any other postcard. Don’t forget that the postage differs depending on the size of the card.

Being a gracious host or hostess will never go out of style. Taking the time to thank those who made your fairy tale wedding dreams come true is one way to show others what a truly lucky lady you are.

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