Planning Special Kids Birthday Party

Kids PartyHaving children means throwing birthday parties ‘ it just goes with the parental territory. The problem is after throwing birthday parties for a few years you might just run out of fun and interesting ideas for those celebrations. Not to mention you’ll need to know how to handle some big etiquette issues when it comes to invitations and guest lists. To help you through those challenges and others, we’ve put together some fun and informative articles.

Obviously, invitation etiquette is important for children’s birthday parties ‘ big questions about whether to invite a whole class instead of just a few students or how to word an invitation to let parents know they don’t have to stay, for example ‘ and can keep parents up all night debating. But we’ve answered those and other questions in several of our etiquette articles so you won’t have to wonder any more.

We also have a nice collection of articles on different birthday themes, such as bowling, dinosaurs, or even the zoo. These are great places to go if you’re having trouble brainstorming a great theme for this year’s celebration or if you just need some creative ideas about how to implement your chosen theme.

And who can forget the stress of throwing two of the most important birthday parties in a girl’s life: either her Sweet 16 or her Quinceanera. The good news is you won’t have to struggle through the decisions alone. Our articles can give you some great ideas about what to plan, who to invite, and how to make sure the event is a huge success for your teenage girl.

The important thing to remember is that your children’s birthday parties shouldn’t be all about the stress. They should be all about the fun, so read our articles and have a good time!

Kids Birthday PartyEvery child’s birthday party needs a fun idea behind it. After all, this is a celebration of another year in a young life, and the event should be designed to specially represent that special person on their special day. Just about anything can become a theme, so before you begin preparing the actual party, you and your son or daughter should have fun brainstorming. Think of the different activities your child enjoys; their favorite colors, their aspirations, their favorite animals. Your child will love to be a part of this process, excitedly anticipating celebrating in a way they have chosen. Once you have a few good ideas, you can start building that theme into a great party experience.

Show Off Your Idea

The invitations are a big part of a creative party theme. Choose something bright and fun that shows off the idea you and your child have decided on. This way the invited guests will know from the start what kind of a party it is going to be! Because the theme should represent the birthday kid in some way, it will also be a good indicator to guests of what sorts of things they might like, in case they are trying to come up with an idea for a present to bring.

Consider some of the following options for your next birthday bash:

TV and Movie Inspired: Shows and movies can make a really fun base for a birthday theme, because other children who attend the party are also likely to be familiar with the show and will immediately know the theme and be excited about it. We have a great variety of invitations featuring some of the most popular movies and shows like Hannah Montana, Pokemon, Happy Feet, and American Idol, and Superman.

Pretty Princesses: Whether your daughter specifically loves Cinderalla or the Little Mermaid, or wants a general Princess, Pink Poodle or Ladybug theme, we have the just the invitations for you. The young guests will treasure their cute invitations long after the party has come and gone.

Adventurers: The aspiring astronaut, fireman, oceanographer or veterinarian will find a matching invitation here! Invitations featuring fire trucks, farm animals, outer space and oceans will perfectly set the tone for an adventurous birthday celebration.

Summer Fun: There is no better theme for a hot summer birthday than something that recalls tropical islands and cool ocean breezes. For a pool party, a luau, a tropical or an ocean theme, pick a matching invitation to let your guests know you will be celebrating the season in style.

More Creative Options: Possibilities are endless, and you will find invitations to complement any idea! For Harry Potter fans, choose a castle invitation; for the athlete, perhaps a Karate or a Cheerleading theme is in order; an aspiring star will enjoy an American Idol theme, while a car-lover will prefer Nascar. Check out this example, perfect for the budding racer. Whatever you come up with to show off your child’s favorite things on their birthday, match that theme with invitations, decorations, and special celebrations!

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