Picking the Perfect Baby Shower Party Location

Baby Shower LocationsBaby showers should be fun events with everyone getting together to celebrate the newest arrival to the family. However, those fantastic baby showers require planning and part of that planning is choosing the right location. That may sound easy, but it can be a big challenge.

Remember you need to choose your location well in advance. Even if you procrastinate with most of the other details, you need to choose a location early on, especially if you are having the invitations professionally printed. If you’re more of a spur of the moment host, then consider choosing fill-in-the-blank cards. You won’t need much advance notice to get these completed and in the mail.

Of course, before you can start sending out invitations, you need to consider a few issues about your baby shower location.

Baby Shower Location Considerations

First, you need to think about your budget for the baby shower. If you’ve got the money, it might be nice to spend the extra and rent a location outside of your home. Home baby showers are nice and have an intimate feel, but the host usually has a gigantic mess to clean up afterwards. Plus, the shower tends to be disruptive to the rest of her family. Home showers can also be a bit intimidating to some guests, such as friends or in-laws, who may not know the host very well.

Second, you need to consider your guest list. If you’re inviting 50 people to the shower, then it’s unlikely you’ll want to have the shower inside your home. You might consider an outdoor barbecue, but most large showers are held in a different location. If your guest list will include children – some showers are open to whole families now – then you may also want to steer the festivities away from your home so your belongings and pets have nothing to fear from tiny hands.

Ideas for Non-Home Baby Showers

Baby Shower Name GameOne major misconception about baby showers is that they need to be held in the home of the host or a family member. That’s not the case, although it is still the most common location. You can choose from plenty of other options, too, including restaurants, country clubs, parks, churches, and community centers. Many public parks also offer shelter houses and other buildings that can be rented.

If you are planning to have a non-home location, then be sure to call ahead and reserve the location. Be prepared to pay a deposit and make sure you get a signed contract before handing over a single penny.

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