Wedding Planning: Putting Together a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day EmergencyNo matter how much you plan. No matter how much you try to cover all your bases. No matter how well you prepare. There’s a good chance that something may go wrong on your wedding day. The good news is that small problem doesn’t have to explode into a wedding-ruining disaster if you have a done a little preparation for just such a possibility.

That’s why you should start putting together your wedding day emergency kit almost as soon as you start planning your actual wedding. Here are some ideas about what should be included.

Contents of Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Make sure you have some needle and thread in white and in the color of the attendants’ dresses. Small tears or lose sequins can be fixed in a second if you’ve got the tools you need on hand. In fact, a small sewing kit with scissors might not be bad idea.

You should also bring along clear nail polish – it’s the best cure for runs in panty hose. However, it’s not a bad idea to bring along at least one additional pair. Speaking of clear, you should also purchase some clear deodorant. Any other type of deodorant can cause stains on your dress. Plus, you definitely don’t want to go without – you will get very warm and sweaty even in winter.

Make sure you bring along safety, bobby, and straight pins. You’d be surprised how many hair emergencies, broken bra straps, and falling corsages have been fixed thanks to brides who planned ahead.

Beautiful shoes can be another cause of problems that need your kit. They may look great, but they can be uncomfortable so bring along band aids to cover blisters and even some anti-slip shoe pads for the bottoms so no one has an embarrassing or painful fall during the event.

Be sure to bring along extra hair spray, too. You’ll want to look beautiful for hours, but your hair probably won’t cooperate if you don’t give it a few extra sprays throughout the day. And, as far as beauty issues go, don’t leave home without some concealer. It can work magic on those dark circles under your eyes but it can also cover any break outs, nervous splotches, or other skin issues that may arise to blemish your perfect day.

Here are a few additional odds and ends that you should include in your kit:

  • Stain remover pen or wipes
  • Tweezers
  • Contacts, eyeglasses, contact solution, eyeglass cleaner
  • Pain reliever and upset stomach medication
  • Tissues
  • Tape
  • Back-up music and CD’s
  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • Your cell phone

Who Should be Trusted with the Emergency Kit

Another big question is who should hold onto the emergency kit. The bride may want to put the kit together, but she’s going to be so busy with everything else that having to worry about the kit may be an unwanted responsibility. Plus, if the attendants need to use the kit between the ceremony and reception they may find it difficult. Instead, you should trust your maid of honor, the mother of the bride (if she’ll be with you most of the time), or your wedding planner with the emergency kit. It might not be a bad idea to make up several smaller kits for each attendant just in case.

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