Should You Order Wedding Invitation Samples Onine?

When you’re shopping around for wedding invitations, you’ll probably be confronted with the decision of whether to buy invitation samples. If you’re already on a tight budget, you may be debating whether or not the extra cost is worth it. Let’s look at a few points that might help you make that decision.

  1. Wedding Invitation SamplesGetting a second opinion – When you’re choosing wedding invitations, you may not trust your own opinion. It is, after all, an important decision. By ordering invitation samples, you can actually pass around those samples to your friends and family members – the people you trust and rely on – and get their feedback. Plus, you can have them look at the invitation samples without you being present so your own feelings won’t influence theirs.
  2. Getting a hand’s on look – Whether you’re buying invitations online or considering several printers, it can help to have a sample in your hands. No matter how many images of an invitation you see online you simply won’t get the same feel as you would if you held the invitation in your hand. For example, you can feel the weight of the paper, check the details of the design, and even match the color with the rest of your theme. These are all things you can’t do without having a sample in hand.
  3. Getting advice from your printer – Many couples today are opting to purchase blank wedding invitations which they take to a professional printer to have the content added. However, if you’re worried that your printer won’t be able to handle the invitations you’re considering, you can order a sample and take it to him or her. If they can’t work with the invitation, then you’ll know before you spend out plenty more on blank cards you won’t be able to use.
  4. Having a reason for a get together – When you’re lanning a wedding, it’s always a good idea to take some time to unwind. Order a whole bunch of samples, then call over your friends, order a pizza or take-out from your favorite restaurant, open a bottle of wine or mix up a batch of margaritas, and start choosing your perfect wedding invitations.

Solving the dilemma – If you’ve tried everything to decide on the invitations you want for your celebration and still can’t come up with a final choice, then having samples on hand can give you on final way to break the tie. Have someone hold the samples behind their back and you pick the one you’ll use randomly. It may not be the ideal way to reach a decision, but sometimes tough choices require unusual methods.

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