Do-it-yourself Baby Event Invitations

Do-it-yourself Baby Event InvitationsYou might choose to print your own invitations to save money on printing costs. Or, you might have a very special handcrafted invitation design in mind that would be a thoughtful addition to the event.

Whatever your reasoning, the expectant mother or new parents in your life are sure to appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into designing the invitations. Follow these simple steps to create an event invitation you can be proud to send to family and friends!

1. Choose the Perfect Paper

For handcrafted invitations, choose a paper and embellishments that compliment each other and the theme of the event. For printed invitations, select a colored or pre-printed printer paper designed for your printer. Laser printers work best for photo invitations, while inkjet printing is fine for text-only projects.

Don’t forget to make matching envelopes and thank you cards!

2. Finalize Your Guest List

The last thing you want is to run out of your special, homemade invitations! Finalize your guest list, then make an extra four or five invitations for forgotten invitees or to cherish as keepsakes.

3. Decide How Much Time You Can Commit To Your Project

If you’ve never made these particular invitations before, you might find that it takes longer than expected. You may need to reconsider your options if the invitations are more time consuming than you anticipated. You want the quality to be great, so don’t sacrifice the finished product in a rush to finish them on time.

4. Try a Test-Run

Some ideas are great in theory, but not so good in practice. If there is going to be a problem with the invitations, it is better to know sooner than later! Try making or printing one at least one month before the event, giving you a few days to fix the problem or come up with alternate invitations if your aren’t going to work.

5. Have Your Invitations Ready Ahead of Time

Have all of your invitations printed or put together at least three weeks before the big day, giving you a week to finish addressing and finalizing them before sending them out in the mail. Have the expectant mother check over the invitations to ensure that all of the information is correct.

6. Weigh Your Invitations at the Post Office

Handmade invitations, especially those with ornaments or embellishments, may be heavier than the average letter. Have at least one weighed to ensure you have affixed the proper postage. If you haven’t, guests will not receive your invitations and they will be returned to you marked up with “insufficient postage” stamps!

7. Call Guests Who Have Not Responded

Call each of your guests who haven’t sent back their RSVP three days before the event to ask if they will be attending. They may not have received their invitation, or could simply have become busy and forget to respond.

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