Fun and Creative Baby Shower Party Themes

Fun and Creative Baby Shower ThemeFrom a simple afternoon get together, to an extravagant and lavish evening event, all baby showers have one thing in common: the need for a theme.

Decide on the theme of your baby shower before beginning any other planning, as the decorations, food and even the location will all play a role in pulling the theme together. Baby showers are a time for celebration and fun; choosing a creative and fun theme will help you set the tone for the entire event!

Create a Theme She’ll Never Forget!

Themes range from the simple and traditional, such as a “Baby Boy” theme for the expectant mother who knows the sex of her baby, to the wildly innovative, like the “Academy Awards” shower where guests play paparazzi capturing every special moment for Mom as she walks the red carpet. Don’t worry if you don’t have a creative bone in your body; the ideas below will help you throw a shower Mom will appreciate and remember for years to come!

These themes are great as they dictate the colors, food choices and venue of the party:

  • Hawaiian Luau (great for couples)
  • Fourth of July Barbecue (anytime of year!)
  • Christmas Baby Miracle
  • Baby Goes Global – have each guest bring a gift from their assigned country; decorate the room with maps and serve international foods
  • Pregnant Shower – Everyone is pregnant! Have guests stuff their clothes to create a “belly” and serve Mom’s favorite pregnancy cravings!

Remember to keep the expectant mother’s personal tastes, style and the stage of her pregnancy in mindas you set the theme for the shower.

A New Take on a Traditional Theme

Perhaps the most popular shower theme revolves around a simple color scheme; blue for boys, pink for girls and green or yellow for babies of unknown sex. These showers are simple to plan, as decorations, invitations, plates, napkins, etc. are all widely available in these colors.

Add your own creative spin with original games and special mementos – have each shower guest write a letter to Baby on colored stationery and seal them in a box as a gift to the expectant mother.

A fun-loving mom-to-be might love to play some interactive games, such as:

  • Guess the Baby Food – each guest samples baby food and whoever guesses the most right wins!
  • Diaper B-Ball is another great game that is sure to get the party going, as guests compete for prizesby shooting baskets using “dirty” balled up diapers and a laundry basket across the room.

Innovative Fun for the Professional Mom

Work showers often involve a few balloons, a lunchtime cake and presents from coworkers. Why not surprise Mom with an elaborate dinner party after hours? Have coworkers prepare mock presentations, reports and slideshows with fun and silly statistics on parenting to present during dinner.

Your “work shower” should be simple to set and clean up. Avoid playing games or arranging activities that are too personal; she may not wish to discuss the size of her growing belly with coworkers Try these great themes for the expectant mother in your workplace:

  • “Pamper Mom” – great for a brunch or lunch shower, coworkers give gift certificates to spas and restaurants as gifts. Mom won’t have a lot of bulky gifts to carry out.
  • “Baby Genius” – Decorations and food choices are open; guests will shower Mom with educational gifts and books for Baby.

Keep Formal Events Fun!

An upscale, elaborate shower doesn’t have to be stuffy; add your own creative spin to keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. Choose a theme such as:

  • “Fairy Tales” or “Princesses”; decorations will be lavish and rich. Have guests give fairy tale books as gifts, inscribed with a special massage for Baby and Mother.
  • Formal garden tea party is a great choice for an upscale shower. Skip the silly traditional baby shower games and take a guided tour of the venue’s gardens instead.

Setting a theme makes planning much easier and allows for a uniform, pulled together feel. Tailor your invitations, decorations, requested gifts, cuisine and favors to your theme to wow your guests!

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