For Wedding Invitations, Why is Embossed More Expensive than Flat?

Embossed Wedding InvitationsThere are numerous types of invitations to choose for your special wedding day. Aside from design and detail, the method used to create each invitation is entirely unique. Before you start looking at invitation types, it is wise to settle upon a budget regarding your wedding stationery.

Create Your Budget

As with all other aspects of your wedding, creating an ideal budget is the very first step you should take when deciding upon invitations. Wedding invites can cost up to $1,000 per 100 invitations, but they can also be on the less expensive side at $70 per 100 invites.

In order to decide how much to spend on wedding invitations, you need to research and discuss various types for your partner. Look at numerous invitations, try and agree upon a few different styles, and then decide how you will add the ones that you like to your budget.

If you start looking for your invites early enough, you can even call various companies to request samples. Those that begin their invitation search early often find that they have the most options. Hopefully, your quest for the perfect wedding invitations will leave you with several choices.

Common Wedding Invitation Types

Most couples wind up with three or four different types of stationery that they appreciate. Likewise, many couples find that the prices for these selections vary drastically. These large price differences are mostly the result of various invitation creation methods. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Engraved: These wedding invitations are very expensive, usually reserved for extremely formal weddings. While engraving will add a nice touch, these invites will tell your guests that your wedding is to be a very traditional affair.
  • Thermography: These wedding invitations are popular, easy to find, and relatively inexpensive. These invites are perfect for the casual couple.
  • Offset Printing: his type of invitation utilizes a normal, everyday, print. Although this print is common, it is still worthy of announcing your wedding intentions.
  • Embossed: Invitations with raised print look impressive, but can be hard on your budget. Embossed invites are very classy…just get ready to spend a large part of your budget.
  • Calligraphy: These hand crafted invitations are elegant and refined, but finding a skilled calligrapher may be a bit difficult.

Out of all these options, many couples are immediately drawn to the look of an embossed invitation. While embossing is certainly glamorous, it can run up your budget more than you originally planned.

Elegant Embossing

To find an invitation that is entirely embossed is a rare thing. Instead, most couples choose to have only a portion of their invitations embossed. Due to the complex process of embossing, the price tag for embossed invitations is significantly higher.

Embossing is done through a special raised print method that takes a lot of time and care. Many wedding invitations include embossed initials and borders, though one or the other will suffice if you have a limited budget.

Try combining an embossed look with an offset printing for an invitation that is unique, stylish, and elegant. Then again, if you can’t live without a completely embossed invite, these invitations are sure to impress your guests.

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