Wedding Invitation Dilemma: Price Versus Quality

Price of Wedding InvitesWhen you look at your wedding budget, you may be surprised by the cost of wedding invitations. After all, these are essentially just cards you’re putting in the mail to let people know about the big event. Why are they so expensive? Of course, most people don’t quibble about the cost of other wedding elements. Brides pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the perfect wedding dress and the cost of catering for most receptions could feed an African village for a year. However, when it comes to wedding invitations, couples are a little more interested in pinching their pennies.

Reasons for Cutting Corners on Invitations

One of the main reasons why couples try to save money on their wedding invitations is because they know most guests do not hold on to them. Why spend several dollars for an invitation that will end up in the trash the day after the celebration? That’s an important question especially for couples who really do have limited finances. For them, it may be a good idea to find ways to lower the price of their invitations or maybe to skip formal invitations altogether. Although invitations via email or by phone are considered improper in terms of etiquette, they may be more practical options for many couples.

Couples who don’t like that idea may want to look for ways to ensure their invitations aren’t simply tossed in the trash. One way is to use a photograph of yourselves – possibly your engagement photo – as the main image of the invitation. You could also try creating a different type of invitation. Magnets and coasters, for example, have been widely used as save the date cards so why not use these for your invitations, too?

There is also the idea of sending out CD-Rom versions of your wedding invitations. Because these e-vites often include music, photographs, and other elements, they are less likely to end up in the garbage and can become a permanent keepsake for recipients.

Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

Another way to save money on wedding invitations is by making your own. You can find beautiful paper available online – the best choice for paper because you have so many more choices than you would at a brick and mortar store. Using your own computer software, you can create a design, add photographs, put in graphics, and write the content for your invitations. Then you can print them at home using a standard laser or inkjet printer. In fact, you can even purchase embellishments to add to the cards so they have those extra details which really add on the expense when you’re having professionally crafted wedding invitations.

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