Quick and Simple Guide to Naming Your Baby

Baby NamingChoosing a name for your baby is a simple task for those who plan to use a family name or have always dreamed of “Their Little Wilbur” Many others find baby naming a stressful and difficult task. After all, your name is something you carry with you your entire life, barring legal name changes. And no one wants to drive their child to that!

Make a List

It is important that both parents work together to select a name. Some couples decide that Mom can pick the first name and Dad the middle name, but both names must work well together. Start by each making a lost of your top twenty favorite names.

Twenty! Isn’t that too many to choose from? Won’t that make the decision even harder?

As you search for baby names online and in name books, you may change your mind often. Create this list based on your initial feelings when you first consider the name. Don’t start crossing names off until you have a chance to compare your list with your partner.

Share Your Ideas

As you and your partner go over your lists together, try to avoid passing judgment on any of their choices until you have heard not only which names they like, but also why the names are appealing to them. Explain to them, as well, if any of the names have a special religious or otherwise important meaning to you.

Together, pare the list down to a combined “short-list” of ten names. Thoroughly research the meanings of each name online. Understand its origin and usage; you don’t want to find out a few years down the road that your child’s name means “Sneaky, stealthy one” or something similarly negative.

At this point, many parents tuck the list away in their hospital bag to take with them when the time comes. Sometimes all it takes is that first glimpse of the baby to know which name suits them best!

Write Out the Full Name

Consider the child’s initials. One old wives tale states that initials that spell a word, such as J.A.M., are good luck. This might be a factor for you if you are particularly superstitious.

Write the full name and keep in mind the length of the name. If the child’s last name is hyphenated, avoid giving them a long first name or multiple middle names. How would you like to be stuck with the handle “Benjamin Anthony Jonathan MacDonald-Hewitson?”

Tune Out Popular Opinion

Everyone around you may seem to have an opinion as to their favorite names, or those they don’t like. This is where selective hearing is a great thing! Your baby’s name is a decision that you and your partner will make together, preferably without a lot of outside influence.

If your father is adamant that his first grandchild be given his name, but your partner used to have a dog by that name, don’t feel obligated to succumb to the pressure from your family. Once the baby arrives, the issue will disappear as grandparents and friends all clamor for a glimpse of the precious new addition to the family!

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