Western Wedding Invitations for Your Western Wedding

western wedding hatsLooking to get hitched in a rootin’ tootin’ Wild West showdown? Are you getting ready to galloping off into the sunset with your cowboy? Then saddle up and start corralling your family and friends for your western theme wedding. Planning your western wedding can be as fun and exciting as the actual day.

Your Western Wedding Day

A western wedding theme can be taken in many directions. Whether you are looking to recreate a scene from the rough and tough prairie days or simply want to incorporate line dancing into your reception, a western wedding provides a lot of room for creativity. With planning and preparation, you can impress your guests with your creativity as they come together to celebrate your nuptials.

First and foremost, you should decide which elements of western culture you want to incorporate into your wedding. Will your groomsmen be wearing cowboy boots and shiny belt buckles with their suits, or will they be decked out in full cowboy gear? Using denim for the bridesmaid dresses could fit perfectly with the western motif. Or if you are looking to keep the Wild West alive, select traditional frontier dresses and consider having your bridesmaids wear their hair down decorated with flower wreaths.

It is also important to consider the venue to keep an authentic western flare. A traditional church would lend itself nicely to the theme, but depending on the time of year and local, you can consider having the ceremony outside. For those wishing to have a wild frontier theme, outdoor ceremonies on horseback will lend a creative and authentic twist to your nuptials.

Color Themes and Patterns

In order to make sure that your guests fully grasp the theme of your wedding, it is important to choose invitations that fit with the western motif.  Dusty browns, off- whites, vibrant yellows, or prairie greens are helpful in painting a Wild West image. For those wishing to mix things up a bit, choose stationery with cow print or horseshoe tracks.  Using denim in the invitations could also be a nice alternative to stock paper invitations.

Shaped and Interactive Invitations

You don’t have to limit your style of invitation to traditional squares or rectangle pieces of paper. Invitations can be shaped in the form of a horseshoe, cowboy boot, lasso, revolver, or any other western paraphernalia. Adding confetti in the shape of stars, boots, or horseshoes is another fun way to get your guests ready for a western wedding.

Interactive invitations are also a fun way to get guests excited about your upcoming nuptials. Try designing invitations with saloon doors that swing open to your announcement. You can also design invitations that resemble barn doors or sawmills. The most important part of an announcement is the date, so make sure that your names and the date are the most prominent features of interactive cards.

Make sure to include RSVP cards with whichever design of cards you choose. RSVP cards can also take on a life of their own by using a smaller version of your chosen design or pair interactive cards with a more traditional card.

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