Save the Date Announcements Have To Match The Wedding Invitations?

Save the Date by Inviting CompanyGetting married is a special time, and in order to ensure your wedding date doesn’t compete with other commitments, sending Save the Date announcements is imperative. What if you find Save the Date cards that you love, but don’t match the invitations you already bought? Must the Save the Date cards match the wedding invitations? Absolutely not!

Why Send Save the Date Cards

Although sending Save the Date cards isn’t required, there are several circumstances where sending them is crucial. If you are having a destination wedding, it is customary to send Save the Date announcements at least a year in advance to ensure your guests have ample time to clear their schedules and plan what is, in essence, a vacation.

If you live in a tourist-laden city, such as Manhattan, and are getting married during a holiday or during high-season, your guests will appreciate having the date well in advance so they can plan accordingly. This is particularly important for out-of-town guests who will be traveling to your wedding.

What Information to Include in Your Save the Date Cards

Similar to details on your wedding invitation, include the wedding date and location, city and state. If you are mailing to out-of-town guests, including airline information and names of local hotels is always appreciated. If you expect many traveling guests, reserving a block of rooms at a local hotel and securing a group discount is a thoughtful way to ease the traveling burden.

If you really want to impress your guests, include a list of area attractions, places to shop, and any local events that would coincide with your wedding. Your guests might want to stay a bit longer and make a mini-vacation with your wedding at the center.

Get Creative with Your Save the Date Cards

When you are choosing Save the Date announcements, take some creative license and have fun. You could let the season be your guide. For instance, if you’re getting married in June, you will probably send out the announcements the previous September and might want to choose an autumnal theme. Or, if you want to tie the Save the Date cards with your wedding, send announcements that evoke summer feelings.

Perhaps you have a color scheme in mind, whether it relates directly to your wedding or are simply your favorite colors. You could be elegant with turquoise and chocolate announcements, or light and bright with various hues of yellow and orange. You could choose a pattern that appeals to your playful side like polka dots or even reference family heritage like a plaid pattern for a Scottish background.

There are many varieties of Save the Date cards, and you can really be creative in this arena. Remember, you have your wedding invitations to be formal, but show off your fun side with the Save the Date cards. You can select a booklet form if you are including extra information for your traveling guests. You may opt to make a photo card that showcases an engagement picture of you and your fiancé. Save the Date cards can even be made into magnets for your guests to put on the refrigerator.

The choices are almost limitless, so use this as an opportunity to showcase your creativity and get guests excited about your wedding. Don’t worry about matching your wedding invitations either in tone or look. Many people have multiple weddings to attend, so put your personality into the announcements and your wedding will stand out.

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