White Envelopes for the Black Colored Invitations

BlackInviteNothing adds visual appeal like stark contrast. Black and white color combinations contrast positive and negative space in a way that can be highly alluring, and the two can be played together in an endless variety of shapes and designs. Take a moment to think about the appeal of black and white… the way that black and white photography continues to be an art form so many decades after the invention of color photography, the timeless elegance of a well-tailored tuxedo, the lily moon in a midnight sky. Without a doubt there is nothing dull about the combination of these opposites.

Black invitations are unusual for any affair, but they can also be a very stylish choice. Utilizing black is a good way to establish a dignified, sophisticated character for your event. The inherent solemn feeling can lend a very classy air. An extra benefit is that your black invitations are sure to stand out to the people receiving them; on a messy desk covered in white papers, your invitation won’t get misplaced or forgotten.

How Much Black is Too Much?

When considering black invitations you should take into account the season of your event, the overall atmosphere you are hoping to achieve, and other possible decorations that will be used in conjunction with black colors. There is nothing more exquisite than a black silk ribbon tied around a bouquet of pure white roses, whereas black roses tucked in among white lilies will still be beautiful, but will feel decidedly funereal.

Because of the possibility of seeming gloomy, we tend to think of black as a trim color for decorations rather than the main focus. It certainly can work as a focus, but not alone. Black will succeed best when it is presented with a strong contrasting tone. Matching colors with black can make them stand out garishly – the black and orange of Halloween, for instance – but white will always work well to complement the style. There is a very pleasing affect to the simplicity of black and white combinations.

Use White Envelopes to Enhance Black Invitations

Black invitations can be an excellent choice for your event, but inserting them into identically black envelopes is likely to overwhelm the recipient with black. You will be much better served to put your black invitations into white envelopes, thereby enhancing them by keeping them clearly distinct from the envelope. Against the white of the envelope, your black invitations are sure to standing out strikingly.

A great advantage of black invitations inside white envelopes is the possibility for creative design work on both pieces of stationary. You can print up address labels that include a small but attractive black design – perhaps a floral flourish or a simple border. A nice black seal will be also be a great touch for closing up the envelopes. On the black invitations a calligraphic font in bright white will stand out sharply, and adding a white border or other decorations will further add to the play of contrasts.

Whatever you choose to do, you do not want to overwhelm your bold choice of black invitations by sinking them into black envelopes. By creating a division between envelope and invitation you will invoke the traditional classic tone of black and white simplicity.

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