Include Rehearsal Dinner Party Games on Your Invitations

What better way to create a fun and memorable evening than to include rehearsal dinner party games. On your invitations you can set the tone for the night by choosing a theme or even just wording that indicates the fun that’s ahead. If you include rehearsal dinner party games on your invitations themselves, then you can be sure that your guests will look forward to the evening and not see it as yet another typical rehearsal dinner which can, let’s face it, feel like a bit of a chore for some people.

bridal showerLet the Games Begin

If you want to literally include rehearsal dinner party games on your invitations, it’s not as hard as you may think. You can do this by including a trivia-type question on the invitation itself that pertains to the bride and groom. The first person to attend and give you the answer wins a prize, such as a bottle of wine, a gift certificate for a massage or a dinner—anything you can think of that would appeal to your attendees. Or, you can choose slightly less expensive gifts and have several ready so that you can continue your night of fun bride and groom trivia well into the rehearsal dinner with fun little prizes for everyone who gets an answer right.

If your aim is not to include rehearsal dinner party games on your invitations but just the mention of them so that your guests know that you’ve got more planned than just dinner, all you need to do is include it in the wording in a way that flows well with the rest of the invitation. You can invite them to “more than just your average rehearsal dinner” by making mention of the “night of fun games in store”. You can break convention by hosting your rehearsal dinner at a local casino so that your venue is unique and your night is sure to be full of games!

whimsical womenAdd a Little Whimsy

Another cute way to include rehearsal dinner party games on your invitations is to have them printed with simple games on them that can be played at the table. Games like Hang Man, Tic Tac Toe, word searches or even crossword puzzles can be printed on the backs of your invitations so that your guests can enjoy them while sitting at the table. It’s a simple and unique way to add a little whimsy to your invitations and to the evening itself.

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