Why Paper Wedding Invitations Still Win Over E-Wedding Invitations

Paper InvitationsModern times call for modern measures.  These days the email trumps the handwritten letter by far. It’s a matter of convenience, it’s forward thinking, it’s easy.  In fact, these days, many young ones don’t even know what a mail box is. For them it’s an obsolete relic, a play thing even. Yet, even if you met your one and only love through the internet, nothing beats a paper wedding invitation. It’s classic and fashionable, which is more than you could say for its electronic counterpart.

The E-wedding Invitation or E-vite

The electronic wedding invitation is alluring for its ease of use and its overall cost effectiveness.  Many addicts of services such as Evite are keen to tout how simple it is to send out a couple hundred invites within a few minutes. And of course there is the paperless aspect in and of itself which is appealing for its eco-friendly nature.  Electronic invitations don’t leave a paper trail. Couples don’t have to waste paper nor will they have to spend hours hand addressing costly envelopes that will probably be thrown out later. Plus, who wants to deal with hand cramps, especially as there is more work to be done. There’s also a question of economy, for those on a budget, electronic invitations are incredibly cost effective.

Electronic invitations come in as many designs and colors as regular paper invites. You’ve got elaborate PowerPoint presentations, whole Myspace pages, PDFs and even text messages taking over the more traditional paper invite industry.

But you can’t touch an e-vite.

The End of Civilization?

A wedding, your wedding, however, isn’t a potluck or a girl’s night out.  It’s a special occasion which should be given due respect.  An electronic invitation, even an elaborate, well-executed one, suggests convenience; for something as significant as a wedding, there’s no place for mere convenience. The paper wedding invitation is a hallmark of tradition; it’s a way of respecting the occasion.  E-vites are gauche; they hardly do justice to the formality and importance of the celebration. Indeed, some etiquette experts see the electronic invitation as akin to the end of civilization.

Tradition Leads the Way

Even though wedding rules have become more relaxed, paper invitations sent the old fashion way reflect the magnitude of the day while setting the tone for the ceremony in a way an e-vite simply fails to do.

Think about it, if you’re putting all this time and effort into your wedding, you don’t want the invitations to get lost in someone’s spam box.  And let’s not forget that not everyone is wired or technologically adept.  Many people simply won’t know how to retrieve an electronic invitation. You don’t want your guests to feel alienated or left out.

A formal event should be kept formal.  It’s proper etiquette. Hand addressing paper invitations and sending them out via snail mail is simply more classy and respectful.  Your wedding only comes around once in a lifetime after all.

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