Why Choose Save The Date Cards with Photos?

Save the Date PhotoUntil recently, most couples sent out formal save-the-date cards that only included a bit of print. Today, most couples are opting for save-the-dates decked out with a recent photograph. In many ways, photographs are a far better option than simple print.

Reach Out and Connect

Out of all the people that you are inviting to your wedding, how many of them do you see on a regular basis? Aside from your close-knit bridal party, most of your guests are probably distant friends and relatives. While they may not have forgotten your face, sending them a photograph save-the-date card is a great way to connect with them.

As soon as your guests open up those save-the-dates photo cards, they will see your smiling face…along with your chosen partner that they may not yet know. This simple notice will give them a chance to see the two of you in your natural environment before the big day.

This brings us to the type of photograph that should be on those save-the-date cards. While you want to hire a professional photographer for your engagement and wedding photos, save-the-dates should be a lot less formal.

Which Photograph to Choose?

Your save-the-date photograph should be fun, happy, and warm. If you have any vacation photos that you really love, or if you happen to have a photograph that a friend took, this type of photo will be perfect. If you don’t have that many great photographs, you can consider hiring a photographer.

Don’t go to a photo studio to have these pictures done. Instead, choose an outdoor location that is important to both of you. Then, ask your photographer to snap a few shots while you are smiling, laughing, and playing.

Really, the best photographs for save-the-date cards are those that showcase your true spirit. Look carefully through the photos that you already have – chances are, you’ll find something that’s just perfect. While a lot of couples are tempted to include a formal photograph on their save-the-dates, there will be plenty of time for those posed photos later.

The Actual Invite

As for the save-the-date card itself, some people like to select their cards after they have selected the perfect photograph. This way, you can tie together colors, designs, and themes. In fact, your save-the-date photo cards can be a great indicator for the entire mood of your wedding.

If you choose to send out a formal type save-the-date, your guests will be expecting a formal wedding. Likewise, a save-the-date with a Caribbean destination wedding theme will tell your guests to start making travel arrangements.

Include a fun photo, consider the right design, and then let your guests jump for joy when they receive your wedding day reminder. Allowing your guests to see the happy couple long before the wedding day arrives is a great way to connect with those living far away. While you can certainly opt for straightforward print, don’t forget that a photograph is worth thousands of words.

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