Modern Foil-Lined vs Traditional Ordinary Envelopes

Envelope with Foil-LinerEvery last detail of your wedding will require an important decision. From the flowers to the invitations, each item that is part of your grand affair should reflect your deepest wedding day desires. However, before purchasing the perfect set of invitations, consider the type of envelope that you will be sending to your guests.

Foil-Lined Envelopes

Envelopes that include a foil lining are often more expensive than regular envelopes. However, these special envelopes add just a bit of gloss and glitter to your event. As each guest opens an envelope, a flash of bright gold or silver will pop out at them. Then again, does this extra touch really matter?

The downside to purchasing foil-lined envelopes is that many guests will simply throw them away. Since most people are eager to get to the actual invitation, the envelope tends to go unnoticed. In many ways, you will notice the difference between foil-lined and regular envelopes more than your guests will.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to think about both types of envelopes prior to purchase. As with any other wedding detail, your envelopes should be a well contemplated choice. While foil-lined will raise your invitation cost, traditional envelopes also have their down side.

Traditional Envelopes

There’s something nice about tradition. When you think about it, marriage is a traditional act that includes traditional activities. This is one reason why many couples choose to wrap their wedding invitations in customary envelopes.

Regular envelopes may not be as exciting as foil-lined envelopes, but they have a certain charm that’s all their own. They are typically more affordable than foil-lined envelopes, leaving you with more room for your budget.

However, traditional envelopes won’t give your invitation that extra emphasis. If you have the budget for them, foil-lined envelopes may present your carefully thought-out invitations in the best possible light. Regardless, whether you purchase foil-lined envelopes or traditional envelopes, the decision is entirely up to you and how you wish to allocate your budget.

Envelope Importance

How important are the envelopes that you choose? The answer depends upon how you want your invitations to be received. For most couples, wedding stationery is highly important – after all, your guests will see the stationery you have chosen well in advance of all other wedding day details.

Spend the time to select the stationery that really expresses your wedding desires. When it comes time to choose the envelopes that will carry your invitations, think about whether or not you want your invites to have an extra pinch of glamour – remember, your invitations will set the mood for your entire event.

Should you choose a foil-lined envelope, you can be sure that many of your guests will appreciate this small detail. If you decide that the envelopes are not important, your guests will still marvel at the lovely invitations you have selected. Foil-lined or not…your wedding day invitations will be enjoyed by all of your guests.

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