Using Wedding Postcards Instead of RSVP Cards

Wedding PostcardsWedding etiquette dictates a response card be included with every invitation so guests can let the couple know if they will be attending. Traditionally that response card was mailed back in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope which was also included with the invitation. Although this continues to be the standard, more couples are using RSVP postcards as an alternative.

Wedding response postcards work just like the postcards you might send back home while you’re on your honeymoon. On one side is the message and the spot for the postage. On the other side you can usually print whatever you want, including images, photographs, or messages.

Advantages of Using RSVP Postcards

In fact, one of the advantages of using postcards is that you have a chance to be creative. For example, you could include a photograph of the ceremony or reception location on the front of the postcard. If you want to keep things simple, you could just have the postcards printed in a color that matches the rest of your stationery.

Another advantage of using postcards is that you save time. If you have the responses sent to you in envelopes, you have to open all of those envelopes in order to find out who is coming and who isn’t. With the postcards, you simply flip the postcard over and you’re looking at your answer. Just as with typical response cards, you can have the postcards printed so guests can check whether they are attending or not, and you can even include a way for them to choose a meal option.

A third benefit of using postcards instead of envelopes is the environment. More couples today are planning their wedding with the environment in mind. Some are using tablecloths and other paper goods made from recycled paper, for example. All of those extra envelopes you rip open to get to the response cards were, of course, made from trees. By eliminating the need for those 100 or 200 extra envelopes, you’re also eliminating the destruction of more trees. Obviously, your envelopes wouldn’t require the cutting down of an entire forest, but every bit does help.

Saving Money: Always a Plus for Wedding Budgets

Wedding PostcardsOne of the biggest benefits for some couples, however, is the price. Purchasing the postcards is usually significantly cheaper than the response cards with envelopes. Plus, not having that extra envelope might shave an ounce or two off the cost of mailing all of your invitations. Again, it’s not much but those little savings do add up.

Perhaps one of the biggest ways to save money though is on the postage for the response postcards. Because traditional response cards are treated as first class mail, each one requires a 41 cent stamp. If you’re sending out 100 invitations, paying that return postage for those envelopes would cost you $41. However, if you opt for the postcards instead, you only have to pay 26 cents in postage which means you’d end up saving $15 for every 100 invitations.

Considering what you’ve already spent on your invitations and your wedding, $15 may not be an impressive amount, but if you’re looking for a good reason to skip those RSVP envelopes in favor of something a little more environmentally friendly and convenient than it might be enough to encourage you to make the switch.

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