Sending Postcard Wedding Invitations

Mailing PostcardsA fairly new concept in wedding stationery is postcard invitations. Rather than sending your average heavily decorated, thick with embellishment cardstock, today’s couples are opting to keep it simple by selecting colors and designs with the guest in mind.

Postcard invitations are stunning and chic. They even cost less in postage to mail than other kinds of stationery. This is advantageous for those brides and grooms with larger than average guest lists. Without sacrificing style or scrimping on details, this new take on an old favorite has its benefits.

Features of Postcard Wedding Announcements

  • They are compact. There are no frills with postcard wedding invitations. Simply put, these are two-sided cards. One side can be used for the details of the wedding or reception, and the other side has a place for the sender and the recipient’s postal information.
  • They are easy to use. Write the details on the front of the stationery. Flip it over to address it. There are no envelopes to seal or cards to fold.
  • They are accessible and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Like traditional forms of wedding invitations, there are many postcard invitation styles available. You can select a style that fits your personality or plays off of your theme.
  • They cost less to send. Compared to the price of a 42 cent first class stamp, postage on the small cards cost a mere 27 cents. That is a difference of 15 cents per invitation. For eco-friendly couples, the reduced postage is indicative of fewer carbon-emissions created from delivering the invitations.
  • They are portable. Guests can slip the cards into their pocket or purse for easy reference. This is especially helpful if driving directions are printed on the stationery.

Ways to Send the Wedding Postcards

Akin to standard wedding invitation etiquette, there is an appropriate way to send wedding postcards. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you can follow both etiquette and style rules!

  • Gather up your guest list first. Pre-address the outside of each postcard to save yourself time and to prevent you from leaving anyone out. There is nothing more unfortunate than forgetting to invite your Great Aunt Rita to your big event.
  • Purchase creative postage. Buy a coil of stamps online or from the post office that matches the theme of your wedding invitation postcards. You can even order stamps online that include a photo of you and your fiancé. Double check each card to make sure that you included the proper amount of postage on it before putting into the mail.
  • Enlist the services of your friends if your handwriting is illegible. Have someone with perfect handwriting scribe all the details concerning the time, date, and place of your wedding ceremony or reception. Keep your message short and sweet to fit the size of the cards that you are using. Include directions if you have room for them and don’t forget to list a way to contact you to R.S.V.P.
  • Mail out the invitations at least six months advance. Out of town guests will appreciate a notice as soon as you set the date. In order to purchase plane tickets and make sleeping arrangements, they must have time to prepare. Extend this courtesy to your guests and they will go out of their way to see you walk down the aisle.

Surprise your guests with a contemporary postcard wedding invitation, which are great for your style statement, not to mention your wedding budget!

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