When West Met East For the Wedding and Their Wedding Invitations

Respecting the TraditionsOften a wedding marks the occasion of two very different sets of people coming together. This is especially true these days as the world becomes a smaller and smaller place, with more and more intermarriage between couples of differing backgrounds.

The perfect example is a wedding that features guests coming from both an Eastern and Western heritage. Obviously, traditions are quite different for both of these cultures, and both wedding ceremonies and parties reflect these interesting disparities.

Respecting the Traditions of Your Spouse’s Culture

Perhaps the most obvious difference is seen in the color of the bride’s dress. In almost every Western country, white is considered to be the only color appropriate for the bride. Eastern tradition, however, demands that the bride be adorned in beautifully bright shades of red. Of course, a bride should respect both cultures and heritages, as the marriage represents the melding of West and East together. An idea, therefore, is to bring both colors together into a stunning dress of red and white. This way, the requirements of each tradition are respected, and guests on both sides of the aisle will feel comfortable and appreciated.

The same holds true for decorations at the party. Most would agree that Eastern architecture and art is some of the most simple and elegant in the world. By contrast, Western design can seem almost opulent, and over the top! Combine the two at your wedding to create an understated yet stylish appeal that will win over every guest. It’s not a surprise that some of the most stylish restaurants and nightclubs in the world are starting to embrace the wonders of Eastern style. From New York to London to Sydney, Japanese and Chinese design continues to become ever more popular.

Bringing the Two Cultures Together

One great place to combine the two cultures is on the dance floor. Eastern and Western dance styles are quite different, and fascinating to watch, especially if your guests aren’t often exposed to the other culture’s variety. Consider trying to teach all of the guests a specific kind of dance. Even if this “lesson” is unsuccessful, your guests will certainly enjoy the learning experience!

Another idea for mixing East and West is with the food presented on the dining table. Bring delicacies from each culture and create a fusion of wonderful cuisine. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you may even be able to find a chef that specializes in this kind of cooking!

Wedding Invitations

Eastern wedding invitations are often adorned with beautiful illustrations and drawings, often of flowers, while Western invitations rely more on lace and physical decoration. This is a perfect example of an Eastern invitation. Bring the two styles together to create unique, gorgeous invitations that your guests won’t soon forget.

A marriage between the East and West always makes for a wonderful wedding ceremony and party. Get creative with your planning, and you’re sure to pick the elements of both cultures that will make for the most fantastic wedding ever imagined.

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