Should You Even Bother Sending Wedding Save the Date?

Save The DateEspecially popular for destination or holiday weddings, save the date cards are a thoughtful gesture to helping your guests plan for your special date accordingly. Save the date cards are small, portable, stylish, and practical. They live up to their name by allowing a guest to literally “save a date” on their calendar before receiving a wedding announcement in the mail. However, do you need to send a wedding save the date card for your special day?

How to Wow a Crowd

There are a variety of colors and styles available in save the date cards. A couple can select a card to fit their wedding theme or even to match the color of the bride’s dress. The compact card can be printed on paper, made into a magnet, or even fashioned to look like an airline ticket or a New York City playbill.

Make an Impact

No project is too big or too small. Save the date cards can be printed in any number. They can be mailed out as early as six months before the big day and help out of town guests make travel arrangements in advance. They can also make a great souvenir for friends and family members. Simply put, the idea behind the little cards is revolutionary. They save time, energy, and money for those who use them.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Whether a bride and groom send out these cards depends on a series of factors:

  • They have to agree that the stationery fits into their budget. A really inventive card can cost a fortune, and thus, may be outside of the wedding budget.
  • They must have an impressive amount of guests who live far away. Preparing for a wedding can take time and money. Guests will have the advantage of knowing about the event in plenty of time to purchase plane tickets at a great rate.
  • They receive Save the Date cards at a discount. Wedding packages can include a variety of cards to choose from. They are usually sold together in a group and can offer great savings.
  • They have an inventive theme and want to make it as prevalent as possible. Showcasing the theme through save the date cards is a great way to set the tone for your unique wedding.
  • Their wedding date is set around a holiday or popular vacation time. If your wedding may coincide with a major holiday or popular vacation times, such as summer, then sending out save the date cards is a great way to help your guests plan their trips around your wedding date.

There is no written rule stating that a person has to “save a date.” In fact, in some cases, it isn’t even possible. In the event that a couple has to change their wedding plans, the miniature cards will reflect the intended date and not the anticipated date. If the couple is unsure of the exact date that they plan on using, it is better to forgo the expensive cards and spend extra on the actual wedding invitations – which should be sent out six to eight weeks in advance.

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