Wedding Thank You Cards as part of Wedding Stationery

Wedding thank you cards will play an integral role during the wedding planning process and beyond. To mind your manners as a successful bride, make sure you promptly send wedding thank you notes to show your deep appreciation.

The Importance of Wedding Thank You CardsThank You Notecard

Unless you are your fiancé are eloping and expect no attendance and no gifts, you will need to purchase wedding thank you cards. After your wedding invitations, wedding thank you cards are next in line of importance. Wedding thank you cards are clearly separate from general thank you cards and will show recipients how much you value their contribution.

It is wise to either order coordinating wedding thank you cards when you order your invitations, or simply choose appropriate wedding thank you cards before you send out wedding invitations. You will need them especially after your bridal shower and the wedding.

Who Should Receive a Thank You Card

Everyone who attends your bridal shower and wedding should receive a wedding thank you card, even if you did not receive a gift from that person. You will also find yourself designating wedding thank you cards to bridal shower hosts, as well as anyone instrumental in the planning or financing of your wedding.

Purpose of a Thank You Card

A handwritten note of thanks is one rule that has not relaxed, although sadly, many don’t take the time to practice this simple yet meaningful habit. Everyone is busy, but when you receive a gift, or even money, it shows that someone took time to notice your wedding. You need to reciprocate and take time from your schedule to send a wedding thank you card.

Simple Etiquette Tips

Your thank you cards should be mailed within two weeks of the bridal shower or receipt of an early gift, and within two weeks of returning from your honeymoon. Guests receiving a quickly composed wedding thank you card a month later could suffer hurt feelings and possibly sense that you thought her gift and presence was unimportant.

Unfortunately, it is not acceptable to thank someone for her shower and wedding gift in the same wedding thank you card. She ostensibly took time to purchase separate gifts, so you should also spend the extra time to thank her with individual notes.

Taking notes as you open wedding gifts will ensure you don’t leave anyone out when you sit down to write your wedding thank you cards. This means you should write down every gift and giver in a notebook. This also helps during a bridal shower where name tags could get mislaid.

Lastly, it is strictly forbidden to thank friends and family via email or text message. You purchased wedding thank you cards for a valid reason and you need to use them. Not even the most trendy person will appreciate receiving “Thanks for the wedding cash” on her cell phone.

Complete your wedding stationery package with a beautiful set of wedding thank you cards that echo the beauty of your wedding invitations. They will not only inspire you to write your wedding thank you cards, but will impress even the most discerning guest with your good manners.

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