White Wedding Invitations by Nature, Simply Classic or Boring?

White Wedding Invite ExampleSnow, moonlight, purity, porcelain, magnolias and lilies – without a doubt, white is a beautiful color and can represent a wide range of themes and ideas. No matter what your other plans are, your wedding is likely to feature white in at least one or two important places. Wedding dresses, for example, can be any color at all, but almost all brides still choose a traditional white, and likewise cakes and other decorations such as tablecloths are likely to be mostly white. But deciding if white is the right color for your wedding invitations takes a little more consideration.

When to Steer Clear

Will white accentuate the classic and traditional elegance of your wedding, or merely look like dull indecision on your part? The answer lies in how you choose your invitations and how they work into the rest of your wedding theme.

White invitations are likely to look boring if they don’t reflect any part of your color scheme or wedding theme. Also, plain white without any kind of border or flourish may end up appearing as though you simply did not get around to picking out anything more intricate and interesting. If white invitations are no more than an afterthought this will be apparent to your guests.

When White Works

On the other hand, if you plan ahead to incorporate whispers of classical white in the rest of your wedding concept, then white invitations can serve to be breathtakingly elegant. If any of your featured flowers are white – as with the above mentioned calla lilies or magnolias, or perhaps perfumed jasmine, classic roses, or springtime tulips – then your invitations might do well to reflect those flowers.

Equally, a very simple embellishment might be just the touch required to lend a classical flare to your invites. You might consider a silver border or contrasting black floral designs. One of the real advantages of a white invitation is that it only takes a small flash of creativity to dress them up into something that mirrors your wedding themes. And if you do want to add a touch of color, it is sure to stand out brightly and clearly against the white, whether it is a stylish design or a lovely ribbon.

Is It the Right White?

Do be careful to note the precise hues of the white you are looking at. There are other variations, with ivory being the most common, and you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing different shades and ending up with inconsistent tones. Ivory might bring a bit of warmth into the theme, particularly good for a fall wedding, but may also be harder to match with wedding gowns and cakes. A pure white is seasonally better for a winter wedding, and in general is more tied to the idea of purity and innocence.

Final decisions

If white is just a default choice that doesn’t inspire you, maybe you should keep looking. However, if white is an essential part of your wedding motif, then don’t hesitate in your choice off-white invitations. White is a great selection to reinforce a traditional wedding feeling of purity and simplicity, while being easy to dress up with a little color or creativity.

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