Beautiful Invitations Online Don’t Guarantee Satisfaction

When viewing wedding invitation images online, what you see is not always what you get. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t place a large order based on a touched up wedding invitation image, only to be disappointed by the real thing.

Don’t Be Fooled By Online Images

Wedding invitations are photographed to appeal to buyers. Subsequently, sometimes they’re altered to appear attractive instead of realistic.

If you are viewing a wedding invitation image online that is set amid a background containing a beautiful place setting or flower arrangement, consider this a red flag. Most reputable stationers focus on the wedding invitation itself and don’t need to dress up the photo with background clutter.

If you do fall in love with a wedding invitation image online, don’t be distracted by the setting, the person holding the invitation, or the lovely rose petals strewn about it. Enlarge the photo and really examine the invitation because that’s what you’ll receive once you order it – not the fantasy bridal setting complete with glowing candles.

Read Between the Lines

While browsing online for wedding invitations, take the images at face value only. When you find one you’re interested in, read the description thoroughly for clues as to what the invitation will truly look like. The wedding invitation image online might portray a white background with pink and sage accents, but be described as ivory or ecru with peach and lime green accents. This tells you immediately that the image will differ from the actual invitation, and you might want to consider another option.

You will also want to investigate how many invitations you get for the price, as well as whether enclosures cost extra or are included. For example, if you feel the wedding invitations are a bit expensive, and then find out you must purchase response cards separately, you might need to search for a more budget-friendly invitation. You will also want to find out if the return address printed on the outer envelopes is extra or included.

Is there a customer service number and email address listed along with a return policy? If not, you might want to find a different online stationer.

Request Wedding Invitation Samples

Finally, the key to determining whether the wedding invitation image online will meet or exceed your expectations is to order a sample. Any reputable online stationer will offer samples, and you can order several sets to choose several possibilities in-person. Most likely, several won’t look quite so appealing once removed from their glamorous wedding backgrounds.

Even if you are considering custom wedding invitations, stationers should have no trouble providing you with a generic sample. You will want to feel the paper and make sure it is durable and attractive, instead of flimsy and cheap. You will also want to examine the ink and make sure the printed words don’t smudge or appear faint.

While online shopping is convenient and great for your budget, it’s easy to be fooled by touched-up wedding invitation images if you don’t take the time to be careful. To enjoy the best wedding invitations, make sure you research, read the details, and order samples to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Whether you are planning a casual or formal wedding, be inspired by the vast and sophisticated array of wedding invitations that are available online. With research, you can find perfect yet affordable wedding invitations that reflect your special day.

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