Who Should Pay for Your Wedding Invitations?

Who Should Pay for Your Wedding Invitations?Weddings are costly affairs and deciding who should foot the bill for all of the planning, including the costs of wedding invitations, can be a bit confusing. Traditionally, the bride’s family covered the costs of the wedding with the exception of the groom’s attire, the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon, and a few other odds and ends. Among the expenses paid by the bride’s family back then were the cost of the invitations.

Today, things are different. Families may not have the funds to pay for a $20,000 wedding on their own. Plus, couples are getting married older and are getting married multiple times which changes these traditions somewhat.

For some couples, both families agree to more evenly divide up the costs. To do this, you need to find out how much each side is able to contribute then assign different expenses to them. For example, the bride’s family might pay for the reception hall and the bride’s dress while the groom’s family pays for the invitations and the ceremony location.

In other circumstances, the bride and groom may actually pay for all of their wedding expenses themselves. This is especially true for couples that are already established in their careers, who have been living together for several years, or who have been previously married.

Couples who take this route should plan on having an extended engagement and saving money up to cover the costs, including the price of the wedding stationery. After all, no couple wants to start off their life together already in debt.

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