Perfect First Portraits

Baby’s first portraits are treasures that you will cherish the rest of their lives… use these tips and hints to create the perfect first portraits!

Think Twice Before You Go It Alone!

It might seem simple to grab your digital camera and snap off a few pictures, but setting up the right lighting, angles and background can be quite a chore for an overwhelmed new parent. Using the services of a professional allows you to just relax and enjoy every second with you new little one, confident that your portraits will turn out great the first time.

Have Your First Portraits Done In Hospital

Most baby photographers will come to the hospital to take those precious first portraits. Baby will change faster in these first few weeks than you realize, so capture their very first images as soon as you can. Plus, the sooner your pictures are ready, the sooner you can start sending them to family and friends!

Prepare Yourself

Before the photographer arrives, make a list of the photos and sizes you will need. Think of all of the close friends and relatives you will want to send a photo to, as well as a pose you would like to see on your birth announcement cards.

Have your checkbook or credit card with you at the hospital to complete your order the day the portraits are taken.

Getting Baby Ready

Have your baby bathed, fed and freshly changed when the photographer arrives. Stay close throughout the photo shoot, without getting in the way, so baby feels safe and protected and doesn’t fuss.

You may have packed a special outfit for baby’s first portraits, but you may want to rethink your choice. The best baby portraits often feature the baby naked or simply wrapped in a receiving blanket. Choosing solid, simple colors like black and white for the background and clothing help to keep baby as the center of attention.

Also remember that your portraits will hang in your home for years to come; solid, plain colors will compliment any décor.

The Perfect Pose

You will receive most of your direction from the photographer, but it helps to have realistic expectations. At such a tender age, the baby must be photographed either laying flat or being held. Never try to prop your baby up to a sitting position for their first portraits.

Use a brightly colored toy or simply the sound of voice to entertain and distract your infant during the photo shoot. Don’t be discouraged if your baby doesn’t seem to be cooperating; an experienced photographer should be used to the finicky nature of newborns!

Do-It-Yourself First Portraits

If you decide to shoot your own first portraits, patience is your greatest ally. Have your baby lying securely on a blanket on the floor or on a large bed. Don’t use your flash if it can be avoided.

Once you capture the perfect shot, the one that is focused, with Baby’s eyes open and nothing obstructing the background, change angles and keep shooting! Give yourself plenty of options to choose from.

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