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Wedding BlogBlogs have become an increasingly popular way for people to share information about their lives with a huge online audience. And since so many people are interested in weddings, particularly the challenges of planning a wedding, having a wedding blog makes sense. Whether you want your blog to be geared towards your family and friends or you want to help other couples who are trying to put together their special day, you’ll find blogging isn’t too difficult once you get started.

Getting Your Wedding Blog Started

Because you are probably spending every penny you have on your wedding, you can’t afford to pay more for a blog. The good news is that you’ll find quite a few free options online. Big names like Google and Yahoo also these services, plus there are plenty of other smaller companies that do as well.

The down side to using a free service is that you’ll probably have advertising on your blog and you’ll have limited design choices.  If you have a little money to spare, you can find some websites that will set up a blog for you for only a small fee. If you already have a website, you can usually add the blog to your site without any difficult.

Once you have the blog up and running, you’ll need to start adding content.

Adding Content to Your Wedding Blog

You can basically write anything you want about your wedding planning. If your purpose is to help other couples who are also planning their weddings, then you may want to go through your own experiences in great detail. Some couples choose to do a day to day diary, particularly when the planning really heats up.

You might want to give advice on saving money, promote certain online vendors with whom you had a great experience, or list some ideas for gifts for your guests. You should avoid saying anything negative about vendors by name, however. They could have legal recourse against you if what you say is proved to be untrue and it causes them to lose business. A lawsuit wouldn’t be a very nice wedding present.

Another idea is to ask questions and elicit comments from readers that can help you make decisions about your wedding plans. When you get readers more involved, they are more likely to keep coming back. Plus, they may have some valuable advice to throw your way.

Of course, you’ll want to provide frequent blog updates. Once a day is a good idea, but if you can’t make enough time in your day then at least strive for updating once a week.  Otherwise, your readers will get frustrated and won’t get coming back.

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