Super Bowl Party Game Ideas

Since its debut in 1967, the Super Bowl has been one of the most highly anticipated sports events in the history of the United States. With big name celebrities performing at the half show and advertisers vying for a spot in between coverage of the event, is it any wonder that an estimated 80-90 million viewers tune into the game each year?

Football, a beloved pastime, has fans from all walks of life. Both the young and the old can appreciate the skill of a team’s players and the excitement of being up close and personal at a real live game. Why not take an atmosphere that relies on hard work, sportsmanship, and team building and bring into your own home on Super Bowl Sunday?

You can score points with your teammates by hosting a Super Bowl Party and including these great games at your event.

We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Invite all your friends and family members to support their favorite teams by holding a Costume Party complete with judges and prizes. On the Super Bowl party invitations, note that everyone has the option of dressing up as their favorite mascot or the ultimate sports fan. Be prepared to see people covered in body paint, wearing wigs, and donning sports related merchandise. Award a football or tickets to a sporting event to the winner. Make sure that you take a lot of pictures and send them to your friends once the afternoon is over.

Look At the Arm on Him!

Have your guests demonstrate their skills by taking them outdoors to throw the old pigskin around. Give each person, male and female, adult and child, the opportunity to throw the football as far as they can. Measure each person’s progress by writing their name on a Popsicle Stick and placing it in the ground next to the place where the football landed. Hand out prizes to the man, woman, and child who throws the ball the farthest.

Make a Wager

Are you willing to bank on your team’s success? Why not wager a dollar or two for the cause? Give one of your guests a plastic cup and the instructions on how to play this game and step back to see how it turns out. The person holding the cup places a coin inside the cup and decides on a phrase such as “touchdown.” He or she then passes the cup on to the person sitting next to him or her. Whenever someone on TV yells touchdown, the person holding the cup is declared the winner. That guest is allowed to keep the money in the cup. Any phrase relating to football will do. Don’t be afraid to substitute “touchdown” for “first down” or “fumble.”

Sports Buff Trivia

Write out football related trivia on index cards. Divide the room into two teams and ask questions accordingly. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

No matter how you call it, no one will cry foul at this spectacular display of Super Bowl Super Stardom. Start with your Super Bowl party invitations to set the mood, either with imagery or mentions of the festivities at your party, and your friends will certainly be fans of your party!

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