Three Ideas for Having a Green Wedding

As you’ve probably heard, the word “green” is now synonymous with being ecologically friendly and environmentally concerned. The news is full of celebrities, home builders, and even television production studios that are turning “green” in order to do their part to protect the Earth and save the environment.

Now brides and grooms are looking for ways to do their part as well. Here are a few ideas about how you, too, can have an eco-friendly wedding.

Idea #1: Recycle

If you’ve ever seen the clean-up after a big wedding reception, you should know all those huge trash bags just end up in your local landfill where they’ll sit for a very, very long time. Instead, you can reduce the trash by recycling. Set up boxes at your reception site which are clearly labeled for different product types, such as plastic or paper. Have guests use these to dispose of drink bottles, paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, and other recyclable items.

Also make sure you purchase goods that are made from recycled paper whenever possible. More products today are made from these products and are usually marked as such. They sometimes cost a little more, however.

Recycling could also mean reusing items. For example, rent china and dishware instead of paying for paper plates and cups. Reuse your floral arrangements from your ceremony at your reception or share them with a couple getting married right after you to help them save money.

Idea #2: Limit Transportation

One of the biggest causes of environmental destruction are cars, so if you can cut down on the need for so many vehicles on the road, at least for one day, then you’ve made a positive impact. For one, consider encouraging your guests to car pool. If you have a wedding web site, you could use the site to help make these arrangements.

You should also consider having your photographs, ceremony, and your reception close to one another so you don’t need to drive to these spots. This will also cut down on your transportation costs.

Choose wisely when picking your wedding transportation. That Hummer limo is going to be pouring fumes into the air like crazy and sucking down gasoline at a phenomenal rate so instead choose either a smaller limo or rent a hybrid vehicle. Some cities now offer hybrid busses which can sometimes be rented for special occasions. If that’s not an option, then choose something unusual: a horse drawn carriage, for example.

Idea #3: Ask for Donations to Eco-Friendly Causes

If you already have plenty of toasters and towels, then why not ask your guests to donate to causes you care about in lieu of buying your gifts. The donations can be made in your name, and you should select a number of environmental charities for guests to choose from. Again, if you have a wedding site, these can be listed on your site with links to the organizations’ sites.

Plus, you’ll be saving dozens of trees because you won’t have so much wrapping paper strewn all over the place.

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