Valentine Party for Kids

Children never need an excuse to throw a party. In fact, almost every holiday can be used as a reason to celebrate with family and friends. Valentine’s Day is no different. With all the excitement surrounding the second largest commercial holiday in the United States, is it a wonder that children all around the nation are mesmerized by cellophane wrapped boxes of chocolate and soft, cuddly, oversized stuffed animals bearing hearts and sentimental messages of love?

Show your little guy or gal an amazing time by hosting a Valentine’s Day Get Together complete with fun, food, and prizes.

An Affair to Remember

Make your child a part of the planning process by first helping them select a theme for the big event.

Valentine’s Day can fit into any theme easily. For example, create the bright lights, big city atmosphere of Hollywood by switching out a few key decorations. Start by rolling out the red carpet and sprinkle it with a combination of silver and gold glitter and fresh rose petals. Give each child a pair of sunglasses to wear that have heart shaped frames. Serve a pink lemonade in plastic Martini glasses rimmed with colored sugar.

Your SPA-LIDAY Event

If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for your daughter, creating a Spa Event will make her party the talk of the classroom for months to come. A Spa Event is easy to set up and an extra special treat to those who attend the party. Find someone to give the girls manicures complete with red or pink fingernail polish. Serve chocolate covered strawberries rolled in heart shaped confetti and red fizzy fruit drinks. Give each guest a trial size bottle of perfume and lotion, as well as a heart covered sleep mask as party favors.

Bottoms Up

A tea party featuring finger sandwiches cut into the shape of a heart are easy to make by using a cookie cutter. Tea bags can be revamped by removing the paper tag on the end and replacing it with two tiny construction paper hearts glued together. Place the string in between the two hearts, and voila, you have a charming conversation piece. Serve refreshments in china cups and on china dishes. Lay down lace paper doilies around the table as placemats. For dessert, serve miniature petit fours in the colors red, white, and pink.

Message in a Bottle

A Treasure Hunt can be enough to excite the entire bunch. Draw a map and have a list of different Valentine’s Day items to locate. Here’s a few that might be fun!

• A candy kiss.

• A tube of red lipstick.

• A heart shaped rock.

• A love letter.

Divide the children up into teams. Announce the group who locates the most items as the winner. Heart shaped notebooks, erasers, and pens make great, functional prizes. Award all the children a package of candy Conversation Hearts for participating.

A great party doesn’t have to cost a lot to be special. Once you decide on a budget, pick the perfect Valentine’s Day-inspired invitations, which are always appropriate in tones of pink and red. Valentine’s Day offers endless opportunities for fun!

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