Invite friends to a Garden Party!

Invite friends to a Garden Party!

The time and season of the year is of little consequence for those planning a garden party! More and more, the creative hostesses are planning an indoor garden party, thereby avoiding the concerns of insects and inclement weather.

Who to Invite

If you going to go hostess a tea in the garden; invite women with a range of age and interests. Women of all ages love having tea in the garden. Little girls are no exception. They love garden parties and will enjoy dressing up to come to this exquisite event. Figure out how many tables you can comfortably fit in the space and invite accordingly. If you’d prefer to create a night under the stars, it is appropriate to invite men as well.


The stationery that you send invitations on should be elegant and formal. Look for ones that use calligraphy or another type of unusual printing. The invitation will set the tone for your garden party typically for spring and summer. Receipt of a formal invitation will indicate to the guest that she is being invited to an elaborate affair, and should come dressed accordingly!


Whether you decide to have your party outside in your own garden or recreate it inside, you will want to use small tables that will seat 4-6 guests. White tablecloths automatically provide an aura of elegance to your setting. Clear vases with fresh-cut or quality silk flowers are an easy centerpiece, as are the increasingly popular “candle gardens”. If you are hosting the party inside, use as many silk and live plants as you can locate. Hint: local stores and florists will often loan these out for people willing to advertise in exchange. If your party will be at night, use lots of candles and garden lights throughout the space. If it is an indoor party, use glow in the dark stars, a star projection machine or a sparkling material to create the illusion of the outdoor sky. If at all possible, offer garden paths that lead to quiet benches or bistro sets for two. Fountains or waterfalls provide soothing sounds of moving water, creating an atmosphere of peace.


If your garden party is going to be only a couple of hours in length, then having tea and socializing are really all of the activity that you will have time for. For an extended afternoon, consider adding in a string quartet or other type of live music for your invited guests to enjoy, while playing cards or just enjoying the solitude of the garden. For an evening under the stars, provide music for your guests to enjoy dancing to. Be sure that the music is soft enough to allow for people to continue conversing.

Food and Drink

An afternoon tea party lends itself to either hot or iced tea, fancy tiny sandwiches, and tea cakes served on silver or flower patterned plates. Cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks served in fancy stemware would be appropriate for evening garden parties, as well as a plated meal of your choice-served at the tables, rather than a buffet.

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