Valentine Invitations, Planning & Decorations

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love that you share with your significant other, family members, and friends. Why not send each of them an invitation to your home for a Valentine’s Day party? What better way to say “I love you” than to spend time with them? Your party can be a simple gathering or an elaborate event.

Planning the Theme

Before you can invite people to your party or plan the menu and activities, you need to decide a theme. A “Chocolate Festival” is a popular choice around Valentines Day. A coffee and dessert buffet or a champagne and chocolate cocktail party is just two ideas for ways to present the chocolate festival. A kid’s party theme could be teddy bears and hearts. Yet another theme would be to have an Italian Dinner for couples, complete with dancing to love songs. A group of single women might consider a movie theme night, and get together to watch a series of romance movies.

Who to invite

You will need to decide on who you want to invite to your party. Who is it that you’d really like to spend time with? Perhaps you’d like to invite just a few close friends over? Maybe you’d rather just have a small intimate family time? Some of you will have a difficult time choosing only a select guest list, and may decide that giving out invitations to an Open House is a good option.


The desire to come to your party is first stirred by the invitation that you hand or mail the person that you are inviting to your party. There are many different styles of stationary that you can purchase, that will match the theme of your party. If your theme is teddy bears and hearts, find an invitation that has bears on it! If it is to be an intimate dinner party, be sure to purchase invitations that are elegantly designed. If it is a ladies afternoon tea, you will want to find invitations that have lace and ribbons and flowers on them.


Decorations are an important part of the overall success of your party! If the theme is teddy bears and hearts, stuffed teddy bears can be placed throughout the space that you will be using. Remember that guests will notice the tiny details of your decorations, so consider decorating throughout the house, even the restroom! Gather items with bears and hearts on them, and tastefully place them throughout the home. If you are having a chocolate festival, you might consider using silver and pink to accent and decorate with. The Italian Dinner theme will require red and white checked tablecloths etc. Your invited guests will appreciate the ambiance that red and white Christmas lights and candles add to the party.

If you have a theme for your Valentines Party and convey the theme on the invitations, then decorate the party space in accordance with the theme you have chosen, you will find that your invited guests will fondly remember this party for years to come!

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