What Grooms Should Know About Bachelor Parties

What Grooms Should KnowBachelor parties are almost like a right of passage for grooms-to-be. While not all grooms have one, many do and some live to regret that night. A combination of too much alcohol and all of that testosterone can spell big trouble. However, a bachelor party doesn’t have to be an event you’d be embarrassed to talk to your future wife about . . . and it can still be fun.

Here are some important tips to remember at your bachelor party.

Before the Bachelor Party

Generally, the bachelor party is planned and organized by the best man with support from the groomsmen and/or ushers. Obviously, your choice of best man is going to impact the type of bachelor party you have. If he acts more like a fraternity boy, then you’ll probably end up with kegs of beers and scantily clad strippers for your party. And while that may be a great time, it may not be the type of fun you want to have right before your wedding.

Speaking of right before your wedding, make sure the best man doesn’t schedule the event for the night before the wedding. You don’t want to be hung over or – even worse – late at your own wedding. Instead, set a date at least a week in advance. That way you’ll have all of the partying out of your system before you say “I do.”

If there is something you don’t want at your bachelor party, you should let your best man know. Sure, he may still try to pressure you into some wild antics but the party is for you and should be an event where you feel comfortable, not awkward.

During the Bachelor Party

Depending on how your friends feel about your upcoming marriage and your bride-to-be, the alcohol may end up get them to start saying negative things. Remember most of the talk is just the intoxication and their fear of losing your friendship, but you don’t have to listen to their comments. Standing up for your future wife doesn’t make you any less of a man. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

You should also pay attention to your own behavior. Too many guys have let the alcohol and the “last night of freedom” mentality get out of hand, leading them to major mistakes, including cheating on their partner. You need to know your limits. After all, you don’t want one night of mistakes to ruin an entire lifetime with a person you really care about.

And don’t forget your bride-to-be. She may be a little worried about your bachelor party, so take some time to reassure her that your event won’t be one of those stupid clichés she’s picturing in her mind. Once you make that promise though, you have to keep it. Without trust and honesty, you won’t have a very bright future together.

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