Kitchen Bridal Shower Theme

Just as some brides and grooms have started choosing themes for their weddings, some shower hostesses have begun planning their parties around themes, as well. One such theme is the kitchen. Let’s look at how you can incorporate this theme into the party and into the invitations.

Kitchen Shower Ideas

When you choose a theme for your shower, it’s a good idea to include that theme in as many parts of the party as you can. For example, you may want to play games related to the kitchen. One idea might be to do a scavenger hunt for different kitchen-related items. You could also play a memory game with kitchen items – put together a collage of images from kitchens or have a table covered in spatulas, spices, pans, etc. then ask the guests to write down all of the items they remember. You could also give away a door prize by drawing a refrigerator on the bottom of one of the guests’ plates and whoever has the drawing wins.

If the shower is being held in a private home or similar location, consider decorate in a kitchen theme. You could use refrigerator magnets, pot holders, measuring cups, even spatulas to create centerpieces and other decorative items. The best part is that all of these items can be purchased affordably from $1 stores or discount shops. If you are having the shower at a restaurant, ask the management if you can take a tour “behind the scenes.”

Of course, the real purpose of the kitchen theme is that all of the guests are meant to purchase gifts related to the kitchen. That might include salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, a gift certificate to a cooking store, pots and pans, etc. Because the bride is going to end up with lots of kitchen gifts, make sure she needs these before you choose this theme.

Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitations

As with most shower invitations, these should be casual. You don’t have to go to a printer to have these specially created for you. Instead, the hostess can order card stock paper and make her own. To capture the kitchen theme, she might choose to use clip art images of kitchens to decorate the card. If the bride and groom are going to have a new kitchen after they get married, she might want to secure a photo of that kitchen and include it on the invitation.

Another way to decorate the card would be to purchase kitchen-related stencils, then using water color paint or colored pencils she can draw those pictures on the invitation herself. If she’s fortunate enough to find a kitchen-related hole puncher, she could also make custom confetti that could either be included in the envelope or given away at the shower itself.

Finally, the message of the invitation should be similar to that of any shower invitation meaning it should include the bride’s name, the hostess’s name, the location, and the time of the event. Additionally, the invitation should mention the kitchen theme. If the bride and groom already have a specific color layout in their kitchen, you may want to mention this as well so guests will purchase items that will match.

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